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Banking fraud scam - the right result for a victim of authorised push payment (APP)

An APP scam, also known as a bank transfer scam, occurs when you - knowingly or unwittingly…

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Getting access to mobile phone data after the owner dies

As our lives are increasingly linked to our mobile phones, the importance of our digital data -…

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Nicolas Groffman

Partner, Head of International

Stephenie Malone

Legal Director

Kristine Scott

Head of Education and Charities Sector, and Cheltenham Office

Denise Wilkinson

Partner, Head of Agriculture and Estates Team


‘Things to do’ website receives £2.1m investment following deal acted on by Corporate Partner

A Cardiff-based discovery and booking platform has raised £2.1m – including investment from outdoor adventure firm Zip…

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Dutch Data Protection Authority fines Booking.com for failing to notify GDPR breach in time

Wednesday’s announcement by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens -AP) of its decision to fine Booking.com…

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Cybersquatter’s appeal dismissed: trade mark application was “instrument of fraud”

The case of Litecoin Foundation Limited v Inshallah Ltd and others [2021] has reinforced and clarified the…

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Supply chains hit by manufacturers’ exits

Decisions by major automotive manufacturers such as JLR, Ford and Honda to limit production in the UK,…

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原文链接:https://www.hcrlaw.com/blog/how-will-recent-announced-changes-to-insolvency-regulations-affect-me/ 作者:Alex Wild, 合伙人 中文联系人:Connie Lu, 实习律师, 国际业务部 最近发生的重要变化 最大的变化是提议给不正当交易的处理留出三个月延缓期,该规定自2020年3月3日起实施。 其他重要变化包括经过多年协商后,现在提出对破产框架工作的拟议修正案,具体包括: 制订了一般破产禁令,以协助企业求援和重组; 加强对重要合同、供应合作和服务的保护; 引入一种新的灵活的重组计划程序,能够约束各类有异议的债权人。 重要信息 加上法院最近宣布的延期或中止执行的公告,我们可以很明显看出,政府的当前重点是通过鼓励营救和重组来稳定市场,而不是强制执行破产。 英国工业联合会(CBI)对“不法交易”的描述变更为“公司董事急需的、以使企业得以渡过危机的行为”…

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Find and keep talent in challenging times

What is the major asset of any employer? Not their buildings, their machinery, their software or even…

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Heading for the heights – lawyers face Three Peaks Challenge for charity

Heading for the heights at the weekend, a team of 12 from Three Counties law firm Harrison…

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Bringing down the cost of low value dispute adjudication

Making adjudication more accessible so that low-value disputes can be resolved quickly and economically, the Technology and…

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Where there’s a will – lawyers support St David’s Hospice

Supporters of St David’s Hospice Care will be able to donate to the charity and put their…

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Stepping up to the mark in Berlin to boost charity donations

When your team says it’ll take on a year of fundraising, and completes the Three Peaks Challenge…

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