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Staff Updates

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CJRS / Furlough Q&A

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When a relationship ends, you may wish to relocate your child to your home country, or alternatively…

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Case Studies

Dispute Resolution Case Study

Remaining alert to who benefits more from international investment advice – the investor or the adviser –…

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Businesses get settlement thanks to financial knowhow and determination

Over the course of three years, starting in 2009, Stuart Brothers was approached by a number of…

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Life after lockdown – Staffing considerations for schools

As we enter week 7 of lockdown and the UK seems to be flattening the curve, we…

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Life after lockdown guide for employers – returning to work

Here we answer your questions on how employers can prepare for a post lockdown return to work.…

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Is my employer treating me unfairly?

As both employers and employees try to come to terms with the changing workplace in the post…

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Who pays for unwanted presents to be returned and what rights do consumers and traders have?

Unwanted Christmas gifts The Royal Mail estimated that last year in the UK in the region of…

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The Future of Agri-Tech

Agri-tech, as the name suggests, is technology that assists the agricultural sector. The purpose of this technology…

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Tech firms supported by mentoring and expertise

HCR’s leading technology law expert has been supporting growing companies being developed by Malvern-based tech accelerator BetaDen,…

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Cyber risk – the next pandemic, warn lawyers

Culture as well as kit will be at the heart of businesses’ armoury to combat the growing…

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What does the Covid-19 lockdown easing mean for you?

For most the major change in the recent lockdown easing is the shift of emphasis around work…

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