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6 February 2020

Protecting the vulnerable – how powers of attorney can safeguard those in need

Losing the only source of income When Errol Graham died alone in his flat in 2018, he was 57 years…

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6 February 2020

Does your will protect your partner as inheritance rule changes?

Cohabiting couples are not protected If your husband, wife or civil partner dies without making a will, you can now...

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31 December 2019

First registrations of opposite-sex civil partnerships

New legal recognition From early 2020, opposite-sex couples will be able to register civil partnerships in England and Wales, which…

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18 December 2019

My child doesn’t want to see me – what can I do?

The child's well-being Children can get caught in the crossfire of their parents’ separation or divorce. In most cases, parents&h...

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12 December 2019

Is online divorce the answer?

Digital revolution Family law has been subject to a digital revolution over the past year, with the courts moving to...

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22 October 2019

From DJ to divorces – the life of a family lawyer

Helping people through the toughest times of their lives, James Grigg, partner in our family law team in the Wye...

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10 October 2019

The Cinderella asset

In the wake of the rising state pension age and the rarity these days of good final salary pension schemes,...

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25 September 2019

Social media and divorce

When divorcing, social media may be the last thing on your mind, but we’re seeing it feature in more a...

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25 July 2019

Make sure your will keeps up with your life

Why do I need to think about my will when I am getting married or divorced? Marriage and divorce both...

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16 May 2019

How do I protect my interest in my family home?

What should happen to the family home is one of the key questions during a divorce -some couples will own...

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