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27 July 2021

Prize draws and competitions – don’t gamble on the rules and regulations

Prize draws and competitions are often seen as a popular way for businesses to engage with their customer base and...

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27 July 2021

How to avoid insurance policy coverage disputes

The worldwide insurance market has taken a big hit from Covid-19 related claims. Earlier this year Lloyds of London reported...

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30 June 2021

Watch now: In-depth video series for In-house Lawyers

Whilst the country’s reopening spells good things for many, it does bring a new layer of challenge and complexity f...

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6 April 2021

Jurisdictional issues following Brexit: an update for in-house lawyers

Now that the UK has left the EU, where do we stand in terms of disputes with parties within the...

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30 November 2020

Webinar: Essential updates for In-House lawyers

In-house lawyers have had to equip themselves to deal with unprecedented change brought about by the pandemic. There are still...

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15 July 2020

Webinar: Business interruption insurance essentials for in-house lawyers

If your business has suffered losses or interruption as a result of Covid-19 you’ll be considering the options available t...

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7 July 2020

Webinar: Contract essentials for In-House Lawyers

Businesses of all kinds are currently facing challenges and opportunities around cancelling, re-negotiating and varying contracts and terms and conditions....

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3 July 2020

Webinar: Regulatory Essentials for In house Lawyers

With workplace risk assessment and safe working practices a key area of consideration for all employers right now, it’s i...

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25 June 2020

Webinar: Returning to work in Wales

If you’re considering the latest government advice and thinking about the practicalities of re-opening your business after lockdown in W...

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24 June 2020

Webinar: Employment essentials for In-House lawyers

It’s likely that most, if not all employers have questions about the furlough scheme, getting their people back to w...

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