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18 June 2018

Health and safety – the costs of failure

The intention of the Sentencing Council when producing new sentencing guidelines for health and safety offences was not only to...

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10 January 2018

Chaos or opportunity? Brexit and the agri sector

The first duty of government, it is said, is to feed its people. Successive governments challenged the farming sector to...

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8 August 2017

Tesco fined £8m for major fuel leak

Tesco Stores Ltd has been ordered to pay more than £8million in fines and costs by Preston Crown Court after...

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11 May 2017

Avoiding countryside conflict

Approaching farmyards in the course of my work and receiving a warm welcome around the kitchen table is one of...

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14 February 2017

Prison Sentence for Food Business Operator

A local fish and chip shop known as ‘Angelo’s’, in Oldbury, has been shut down, and its owner imprisoned, after...

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6 December 2016

Cattle attack case raises questions of farmers’ duties

The importance of ensuring the safety of all walkers on your farm came before Swindon Crown Court recently, after walker...

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28 August 2013

What are the regulations around asbestos?

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (“Regulations”) came into force in Great Britain in April 2012. The Regulations repealed the previous...

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