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20 October 2021

Winding up petitions – an update

In March 2020, temporary provisions were implemented by the government under the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 (CIGA) to…

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18 October 2021

Regretted hitting ‘Send’?

In our increasingly busy digital lives, it is all too easy to hit send without checking if the ‘autofill’ has&hel...

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8 October 2021

When is a litigant more than persistent but vexatious?

In litigation, parties have the right to either make multiple legal applications in a case, or issue multiple claims, either...

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6 October 2021

Boundary disputes: top tips

Drawing a line – is the land theirs or mine? Boundary disputes usually arise when neighbouring landowners both believe they…

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21 September 2021

Decarbonisation in defence: A driver of innovation

Technology has emerged as the champion in the battle against climate change as scientists and engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs develop...

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8 September 2021

How does technology and AI affect legal cases?

As technology advances, the legal system has to evolve, as with every other sector – one of the latest developments…

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1 September 2021

Gadewch i’r frwydr gychwyn!

  Bydd Ras Rafft Trefynwy yn frwydr rhwng y Cymry a'r Saeson eleni, o leiaf i dimau HCR sy'n cymryd...

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1 September 2021

Let battle commence!

  Monmouth Raft Race will be a battle between the Welsh and the English this year, at least for the...

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31 August 2021

Should we bank on inheritance?

James Bond actor Daniel Craig has recently revealed that he finds inheritance “quite distasteful” and that he does not plan&hel...

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17 August 2021

Can I contest a will after probate has been granted?

The short answer is yes, but it is more complicated (and therefore likely to be more expensive) than doing so...

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