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23 January 2023

Rationalising your Real Estate for 2023 – your questions answered

Businesses tend to occupy property either as an owner or under the terms of a lease; when considering the sale...

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19 January 2023

Would you take advice from an AI lawyer?

Machines are learning - your texts can be predicted; your navigation system can advise you to go on a different...

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18 January 2023

Opinion: opportunities for innovative technologies and choosing what law to apply

If you had sat down with a blank piece of paper just seven years ago and thought about the challenges...

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13 January 2023

Shareholder deadlock – can shareholders be forced out?

Many SMEs start out as a joint venture between friends or family who take an equal shareholding and act as...

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12 January 2023

A business has paid money by mistake – can it get it back?

Business depends on the movement of money, and millions of payments between businesses are processed electronically each day. Occasionally, however,...

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12 January 2023

What alternative dispute resolution methods exist for businesses in conflict?

While the legal issues may be common to many disputes, the factual matrix and the financial and commercial position of...

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10 January 2023

Fennessy v Turner: a landmark adult child case under the Inheritance Act

The Court of Appeal recently upheld the decision in Fennessy v Turner. The decision in this case serves as a...

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14 December 2022

When contracts get “…awkward”

Anyone watching the world cup this year will undoubtedly have at least heard of the issues surrounding the sponsorship by...

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13 December 2022

When sales of shares and assets go wrong

When there is a sale of shares or assets, the buyer and seller will generally agree a headline purchase price...

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21 November 2022

When is a cancellation clause enforceable?

In the current economic climate, schools may wish to review all their outgoings in order to ensure that they are...

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