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10 October 2019

Taxing times for those planning ahead

There have been a number of consultations recently by HMRC about changes to various taxes, particularly those that apply on...

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17 September 2019

Modern slavery: practical first steps for your business

With the obligation to publish a modern slavery statement currently only a legal requirement for businesses with an annual turnover...

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7 August 2019

Patent box – opportunities for tax relief missed

Although headlines suggest the British government wants to promote innovation across the whole nation, including research and development the Government’s...

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31 July 2019

HMRC R&D tax credits, innovation and plastics pollution

As the Government comes to terms with the turning tide on plastic pollution with the first reading of a private...

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25 July 2019

New taxes, digital economy and our US special relationship

In 2020 a new 2% digital service tax (DST) looks set to come into force and will affect many multinational…

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23 May 2019

Building and protecting hard-earned wealth

Starting and building a business is a challenging and exciting time, working alongside people who share your vision of what...

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12 February 2019

Creating a high-performing team

I’m lucky enough to work with high-performing teams every day, both in my own office and in my clients’ com...

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9 July 2018

Give your business care and attention

As featured in the Worcester News on Monday 9 July 2018 I believe that business owners should treat their businesses…

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3 July 2018

Buyer beware – ignore the GDPR at your peril!

The GDPR is designed to be far-reaching and ensuring compliance can be challenging. So data protection will become an important...

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29 May 2018

China allows foreign investors to own majority stakes in Securities Companies

The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) issued the Measures for the Administration of Foreign-Funded Securities Companies (“MAFFSC”, 外商投资证券公司管理办法) on 28 April 2018.…

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