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1 February 2023

China franchises, IP licences, and their alternatives: which is better for your business?

Background A UK company can authorise its own trademarks, patents or other intellectual property (IP) rights to any companies in...

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25 January 2023

Insurance for cross border transaction risk

What happens if you are sued in a class action by retailers in China, Vietnam and Thailand when you haven’t...

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24 January 2023

Handling a healthy and safety investigation – your questions answered

As part of our In-House with You monthly Q&A series, insurance specialist Jonathan Edwards spoke about the key...

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19 January 2023

International IPR: top tips for business owners

It’s great news for you when your product or service is successful not only in your home country but a...

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12 January 2023

UK companies trading with Russia – new rules

The British government has imposed a range of sanctions measures, including trade and financial sanctions, under the Russia (Sanctions) (EU E...

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4 January 2023

Is the United Arab Emirates getting business ready for the future?

In recent years, the countries in the Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), have gone through a process of investor liberalisation,...

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22 December 2022

The time is still right – cross-border M&A

Despite fears of a deep recession following on from the Ukraine war, supply chain issues, an energy crisis and 40-year...

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21 September 2022

Textile and food companies beware: more sanctions may be coming

Do you deal in electrical products, tomato paste, shoes or textiles? You might want to check where your goods come...

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9 June 2022

Contracts with overseas distributors – the six areas of risk

When it comes to selling overseas, many UK exporters opt to use a local distributor in the target country. This...

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11 May 2022

China is refunding tax to subsidiaries of foreign companies

Changes to export tax refund policies in China are already helping foreign business to compete there and on the international...

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