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25 November 2022

Protecting your agricultural land from new public rights – Sections 31(6) and 15A Landowner Statements

It is an understandable fear of agricultural landowners that one day they may receive notice of an application to record...

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28 October 2022

Keeping your hooves on the ground?

There is always a time when your labours are shown and judged when moving livestock. There has always been that...

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30 September 2022

Horse co-ownership agreements

When it works, co-owning a horse with another like-minded person can be a fulfilling and productive investment. It can enable...

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20 September 2022

Transport – the biggest health & safety risk on farms

Agriculture has the worst rate of worker fatal injury per 100,000 of all industry sectors. In 2021/22, 25 people were...

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24 August 2022

Thinking about buying or selling a horse? A sale agreement may protect you if things go wrong

Buying a horse is an exciting prospect. However, this excitement can quickly disappear when that horse later proves unsuitable or...

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18 August 2022

Bringing agriculture and technology together for better futures

Technology is transforming the farming sector. From AI in harvesting to data aggregation and farm management apps, AgriTech is becoming...

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12 August 2022

An update on farming policy in Wales

Leaving the EU meant leaving the Common Agricultural Policy (“CAP”). However, the Agriculture Act 2020 (“the UK Agriculture Act”) currently...

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15 July 2022

Renting Homes (Wales) Act: Are you ready for the change?

1 December 2022 is set to mark the biggest change to housing law in Wales for decades as the Renting...

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21 June 2022

The Future of Agri-Tech

Agri-tech, as the name suggests, is technology that assists the agricultural sector. The purpose of this technology is to improve...

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10 June 2022

AgriTech zone: Meet the speakers – Sunday 19 June

Sponsored by Agri-EPI Centre, the third day of our AgriTech Zone will discuss the next generation of farmer, and how ...

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