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28 August 2020

Do I need to amend my construction and engineering contracts to deal with Covid-19?

In short, the answer is almost certainly “yes”. We have dealt with dozens of enquiries over the last few months&hel...

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1 May 2020

Tackling cash flow problems in the Construction and Engineering sector

Covid-19 is causing significant disruption to supply chains, sites, programmes, distribution channels and the workforce for all tiers on a...

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7 April 2020

Health and Safety Executive monitoring social distancing at work

Social distancing in the workplace Social distancing is now high on the Health and Safety Executive’s agenda as it s...

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3 April 2020

Changes to septic tank regulations – what does this mean for property owners/sellers?

Changes to the rules governing septic tanks and sewage treatment now affect many home owners, especially in rural areas, who...

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27 March 2020

What impact does social distancing have on the performance of your or your sub-contractor’s works?

Social distancing is a health and safety issue first and foremost. On any construction site, that is part of your...

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25 March 2020

Covid-19: What do Commercial landlords need to know?

The latest advice for commercial landlords on forfeiture in relation to Covid-19 The government announced recently that a commercial landlord’s...

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24 March 2020

Social distancing on construction sites – policy v reality

This guidance was originally written on 24 March and updated on 30 April 2020 Construction sites that remain open will…

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24 March 2020

Will Covid-19 close down construction sites?

It is likely that some building sites will close, following the Prime Minister’s announcement about avoiding going to work u...

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17 March 2020

Planning for property success

New property Building a new property, whether it’s your first attempt or you’re a seasoned developer, needs both the...

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3 February 2020

New office, new staff issues

Transferring employees to a new property Commercial property transactions, like corporate transactions, can raise some interesting employment issues when particular...

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