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13 February 2024

Commercialising intellectual assets within the veterinary sector

Success hinges on many factors and can be measured in different ways, however one frequently overlooked aspect in ensuring the...

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9 February 2024

Tied accommodation – key considerations for employers

Across the health and social care sector many service providers offer 'tied accommodation’ to staff which is a residence that...

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6 February 2024

Preparing for a sale

This article follows on from our Health and Social Care team’s previous article Exit options and succession planning and l...

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4 December 2023

Exit options and succession planning

Having an exit strategy or succession plan for your business is essential, particularly for those operating within the health and...

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18 October 2023

Cash flow worries for care providers – what next?

As was reported in the media over the summer, it has become an increasing issue for domiciliary care providers that...

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21 September 2023

CMA review of veterinary sector

On 7 September 2023, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched a review of how veterinary services are bought and...

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13 September 2023

Managing negative reviews and online feedback

Online reviews are an unavoidable part of running a consumer-facing business. For veterinary practices, which depend on client trust and...

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13 September 2023

The role of sabbaticals and veterinary volunteering

It is well known within the veterinary sector that employee burnout has been recognised as an emerging issue - having...

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12 July 2023

Solving the health and social care skills gap – what can be done?

The skills gap in the health and social care industry has been a long running problem for the sector. Many...

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5 July 2023

Handling sexual harassment in the workplace

Across all organisations, protecting against and addressing workplace sexual harassment is a higher priority on the HR agenda. For care...

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