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20 July 2021

A day in the life – Raj Bhambra

I am one of the early starters at the office, as my working hours are 7am – 3pm. When I arrive, it is very quiet and zen – the perfect time to look through my inbox without interruptions. Once I have compiled my ‘to do’ list and have a good overview of the core tasks for the day, I head out for my caffeine boost.

At around 8–9am the office is in full swing, and I can have the weekly catch-up with the rest of the team to see where they are with their caseloads to ensure all the relevant deadlines are being met.

On this occasion, I was submitting applications under the EU Settlement Scheme within a tight deadline, having just received instructions from the clients over the weekend; it was very time-sensitive. These applications, which would otherwise be quite straight forward, were actually quite complex, due to the individual circumstances of each applicant. My goal was to ensure that the applications were ready and submitted by no later than 1pm that day so I could comfortably make the special delivery post.

To start, I decided to tackle the more complex application which involved completing the lengthy paperwork (40 pages). Once the form had been completed, I sent it to the client for sign-off. The added complexity in this case was that the client was unable to provide documents proving UK residency. After some lengthy chats, I liaised with the client’s accountant to check their records and see what they could provide in support of the application. As this was something outside their normal course of business, I very politely emphasised the urgency, as we were working to a deadline. Thankfully, they were very co-operative and efficient in sending the documents which required a thorough review by me before submission.

Now that the first application was ready to go out in the post, I could turn my attention to the second application. This involved setting up a Teams meeting with the client and talking her through what she needed to download onto her phone in order to submit her application online. This proved to be a bit of a challenge, as she wasn’t confident with using technology and downloading apps onto her iPhone (I am an avid android user!).

Eventually the client successfully installed the app on her phone; the next stage was to use the app to verify her identity and so I again guided the client on how she could do this. Before too long, the identification was verified and I could continue with completing and submitting the online application, all in time for the my own 1pm deadline.

Feeling rather smug, I went out to grab some lunch from one of the many eateries in Birmingham – a big perk of working in the office. After finishing lunch, I worked my way through my list and focused on business development (BD).

This plays a big part of my day as we are working towards strengthening our business immigration offering. We already have a strong existing client base and we are looking to expand on this by offering immigration services to all business sectors across the regions. Our services include sponsor licence applications, advising on right to work checks and compliance and applications across all immigration categories – particularly skilled worker visas.

Some of my BD works includes talking to my colleagues across all departments, preparing materials and proposal documents. This usually takes me up to 3pm when I finish for the day, unless I receive any urgent queries with imminent deadlines.

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