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16 June 2020

Bringing ADR to bear on tax disputes to ease process

Tackling tax disputes via alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has been given the support of the most senior tax tribunal judges; this approach, which would mean working with HMRC, with the guidance of a mediator or facilitator, could enable taxpayers to reach a more flexible range of solutions and to resolve their cases more quickly, especially with tribunals operating remotely.

The statement (which can be found here) supporting ADR both before an appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal (Tax Chamber) and after an appeal has been made, has come from Judge Greg Sinfield, Chamber President, and sets out the form the ADR would take, how to apply for it, when it is appropriate and how the tribunal would be involved.

Sarah Woodall, HCR’s Head of Tax, said: “ADR has been in use in other forms of litigation for a considerable time, and indeed many of our cases are resolved in this way. I’m delighted that the tribunal is taking this approach because it will make the process more flexible for clients, more efficient for the tribunal system and will encourage those in HMRC who are keen to see this practice extended to enable swifter and more satisfactory resolution.”

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Sarah Woodall, Head of Tax, Partner (Barrister)

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