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10 February 2021

Business Leader panel debate: Is homeworking bad for our health?

New research conducted by our experts suggests that the mental and physical health of employees could be at risk if businesses fail to adapt to the long-term impacts of home and office working environments.

While the rapid roll-out of flexible working in response to Covid-19 has had many positive impacts, its long-term deployment poses a dual challenge to businesses. Our research shows bosses must manage risks to staff wellbeing from remote working and improve post-Covid office workspaces.

Harriet Murray Jones took part in this panel debate hosted by Business Leader which offered an honest and no-holds-barred look at the future of work.

Issues debated include:

  • Have firms done all they can to enable safe and productive working from home?
  • How do employers entice their people back to the office?
  • Employers have spent time and money to make workspaces Covid-secure. Now many are re-assessing the volume of space required for hybrid work patterns, to save money. What will the impacts of this be?

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