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11 December 2020

Family Businesses working webinar series: Can my business survive my family?

Family business owners met for a working webinar, the second in a series in four, to discuss how their business could tackle the inevitable problems that arise when families and businesses mix.

Using a fictional family to illustrate all the challenges we see regularly and discuss options for resolving them, participants were able to work through the issues in confidence, building their own solution based on materials presented by HCR.

The importance of family law when you run a family business with Anita Hennessey

Handling a disputed will in your family business with Beth King-Smith

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About the Authors
Charlotte Thornton-Smith, Head of Worcester Office & Joint Head of Central England Office

Charlotte Thornton-Smith is a Worcester solicitor, specialising in corporate.

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Beth King-Smith, Partner, Head of Disputed Wills, Trusts & Estates and Worcester Private Client team

Beth King-Smith is a Worcester solicitor, specialising in dispute resolution.

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Anita Hennessey, Partner

Anita Hennessey is a Worcester solicitor, specialising in family law.

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