Food for Thought!


In Islam, Muslims are only permitted to eat certain foods where the meat has been slaughtered in accordance with Islamic teachings and does not contain any pork. Furthermore Muslims are forbidden from drinking alcohol and eatings food which may contain traces of it. Therefore many muslims in the UK have to be careful when selecting what to eat.

However this was not an issue on 7th September 2013, as the UK hosted its first Halal Food Festival in London. This was an event where muslims (and even non-muslims) could feel welcome to feast on their heart’s desires and freely enjoy the beauty of good delicious mouth-watering food without the guilt of compromising their faith. This was certainly the day of the Haloodie (Halal Foodie).

I was lucky to be asked to attend on the firm’s behalf (who could refuse) and saviour the galore of various styles of food which I have only dreamt about. Muslims from different parts of the UK and even the world came together to sample various foods such as Rib Steak rolls, Halal Chicken Sushi, halal wine and mocktails. It was a fun day for all that attended and it was a good opportunity to meet with business involved in the halal food industry. Many of the businesses I spoke with were very keen on expanding their halal product range within the UK and after graciously sampling many of their foods such as Halal Hot Dogs, Halal Chocolate Truffles I’m sure this would be welcomed by not only the growing numbers of Haloodies out there but also by the exclusive Islamic Legal Services Team at Harrison Clark Rickerbys.


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