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5 July 2021

Going green for growth

Energy and renewables developments are complex, challenging, and subject to regular, rapid change. When it comes to fuel, the world is only moving in one direction, but it can often feel like you’re navigating a complex system. Harriet Murray-Jones, our energy specialist, is seeing clients taking the initiative.

She said: “With COP 26 coming up, many governments are setting out their stalls in relation to climate change – with renewables right at the heart of those strategies. What we are seeing on the ground – quite literally – is lots of solar, battery and now some innovative mixed technology schemes involving multiple technologies on one site.

“It is a really interesting time to be working in this field because these issues are, partly due to campaigners such as Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough, becoming, mainstream and commercially important.

“Further, we see companies and individuals looking to blaze a trail in sustainability and demonstrate that going green doesn’t necessarily have to be contrary to economic growth.”

Energy and renewables developments are a far cry from your traditional landlord-tenant or buyer-seller relationships. They come with a lot of additional requirements, regulations, and responsibilities which can feel overwhelming. Knowing the lie of the land and understanding the regulatory demands can make all the difference in avoiding common pitfalls and tackling complex challenges.

Harriet helps clients with assembling land rights, liaising with utilities, land acquisition support, developer relations, options, freehold and leasehold, grid connections.

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