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11 August 2020

Webinar: Tracking strategy and investment in the UK-India corridor

Building a culture of perseverance and innovation so that, with limited resources, companies can develop a robust investment strategy to sail through this economic slowdown, is vital for jobs and the economy, in India as in the UK.

In this webinar, hosted by IDEX Legal in partnership with India Law Alliance, experts discuss the key factors currently affecting investors’ mindsets and decision-making around India as an investment destination.


Vikas Vij, Managing Director, IDEX Legal


Anupam Dighe, Managing Partner, India Law Alliance

Nicolas Groffman, Partner, Harrison Clark Rickerbys

Prashant Deshpande, Senior Advisor, India Law Alliance

Syed Alam, Partner, Harrison Clark Rickerbys

This webinar is 1 hour 8 minutes and topics of discussion focus on:

  • Which are the most affected areas in the India-UK business corridor due to the pandemic? At 3:10
  • Impact of pandemic on real estate in the UK? At 14:17
  • What are the GoI measures for making India an attractive destination to do business with? At 16:40
  • What are the incentives offered by India for investments? 25:45
  • Has the central government in India come out with any sector specific schemes which make it beneficial for UK companies to invest?
  • How can a law firm help to reduce risk for Indian companies doing business with UK entities? At 50:10
  • Q&A starts at 56:67.

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About the Authors
Nicolas Groffman, Partner, Head of International

Nicolas Groffman is a Thames Valley solicitor, specialising in International law

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Syed Alam, Partner, Head of Real Estate Healthcare

Syed Alam is a Worcester solicitor, specialising in real estate.

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