“It’s Not Good Enough”: Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust and Clinical Negligence


Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust are once again at the heart of controversy regarding the standard of its medical care. Recently, a patient under the care of the Trust was awarded a six figure settlement following treatment that can only be described as “abysmal”.

During a caesarean the patient suffered damage to her bladder; which went unnoticed by staff. The patient was left untreated for up to of six days. She endured extreme pain due to blood clots which developed as a result of the damage and subsequently fell into depression.

The situation called for immediate surgery to repair her bladder. However, she did not receive the treatment until the sixth day of her ordeal. By this point; she had developed a condition known as urinary peritonitis which caused her bladder to split.

The patient underwent a series of operations to repair the damage but an incisional hernia left her requiring even more treatment.

The patient has been left with multiple scars and ongoing problems with blood clots, all because of substandard medical care which should not be present in modern society.

Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust said that it “accepted from an early stage” that treatment had fallen below the standard the patient was entitled to expect and as such a number of severe complications had occurred.

The Trust has also expressed their sincerest apologies for the distress suffered by the individual. They have also vowed to improve their practices where incidents such as this occur.

It has become clear that time and time again, the Trust has offered care that is simply not good enough. They have not improved practices to ensure incidents like this never happen.

Individuals across the UK are regularly subjected to clinical negligence such as that outlined above. There comes a time when we must say enough is enough and seek justice. This is not merely in the form of compensation, but also the knowledge that your actions have brought about changes in the system. These changes will not only improve medical standards nationally, but ensure that no other individual has to suffer as a result of irresponsible medical care.

Patient safety is paramount in any medical situation and as such, it is vital that standards are assured. This is the only way that patients will be able to confidently place their lives in the hands of those who will ultimately determine their future and prosperity.

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“It’s not good enough, but together we can make it better”.

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