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17 March 2020

Planning for property success

New property

Building a new property, whether it’s your first attempt or you’re a seasoned developer, needs both the right planning permission and the right finance, as well as a great deal of attention to detail.

Having experts at hand who work together to cover all the bases on both the property side and the planning side is invaluable, because both areas of law are quite distinct, change regularly and can be complex.

Variety of projects

Harriet Murray Jones, a partner in our real estate team, and Laura Greenman, one of our planning lawyers, work closely together to make sure clients’ interests in a variety of projects, from house development to riding stables, are well-served.


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Harriet and Laura regularly work for funders of residential development schemes. Harriet will ensure that the developer has the necessary rights to build on the land in question, and also makes sure that, if the borrower were to default, the land would be fit for sale on the open market.

Laura ensures that the developer has the correct permission for the project and also that the borrower is complying with the conditions and obligations imposed.
Often the land itself will have a direct effect on the planning permission needed, and that permission might well impose legal obligations which the developer must be able to comply with.

Harriet said: “Experienced developers know that having the money for development is just one aspect of the project. Because Laura and I work together on these projects, we can give clients 360-degree advice, which anticipates issues which might arise and equips them to move forward.”

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