In the Spotlight with Jonathan Brew


1. Describe your job and what you enjoy most about it.

As a family lawyer, in a nutshell, my job is assisting individuals who have left broken relationships, to effectively “bury the relationship with dignity”; there are numerous issues to be dealt with on the breakdown of a marriage/relationship and a negotiated way forward is preferable. I enjoy meeting people and I am a people person, and seeing them happily move forward, ready to enjoy the next phase of their lives, gives great satisfaction. As Senior Partner, I have been privileged to act as the firm’s ambassador for many years, which has resulted in attendances at numerous and varied sporting, musical, artistic and social events throughout the region and beyond, including a memorable trip to Beijing, China.

2. How long have you been with HCR? What was your journey to get to Senior Partner?

I joined what was originally Harrison Clark Solicitors in 1983. Partnership was promised if all worked well and I became a salaried partner in December that year. I was appointed as a junior equity partner in December 1985. In or about the summer of 2002, whilst sitting as a Deputy District Judge, I was approached with the opportunity of sitting as a full time District Judge at Shrewsbury County Court. When I raised this openly with the then partners, I was informed for the first time that I had been earmarked to become senior partner. The decision for me was easy. My wife and I had deep roots within Worcester and Worcestershire, and our son, Edward, had commenced his education at the King’s School Worcester. I wanted to stay in Worcester, so stayed with the firm and was appointed as Senior Partner in December 2002.

3. How do you keep your team motivated?

I have always led from the front, been hard working and diligent, with my clients always coming first. My immediate team is motivated because they work closely with me on some very interesting and demanding cases, which provides them with experience rarely gained in many other practices.

4. What did you want to be when you were a child?

When I was a child I did consider becoming a radio operator on a Royal Navy ship – the opportunity to travel within a structured environment was, at that time, appealing.

5. What are you reading now?

There is always a book on the Battle of Trafalgar/Lord Nelson at my bedside. The current read is “Voices from the Battle of Trafalgar”. This brings together diary entries and records kept by officers and seamen who were actually at the Battle of Trafalgar.

6. What is your favourite piece of technology?

My Lexus car – I am still trying to work out some of the numerous gadgets on board!

7. If you could have one superpower what would it be?

To be able to see in to the future. What an advantage, not only for myself but for my clients!

8. What is one thing about you that most people would be surprised to know?

That I was born with a club foot but luckily had the second successful operation to correct the same.

9. Who is the most interesting person you have met?

I have met many interesting people over the years and therefore it is almost impossible to answer this question!. On my list however, would be Tony Clark – Senior Partner at Harrison Clark when I joined in 1983, who was an excellent mentor to me in my younger years as I was developing as a lawyer.

10. What do you enjoy most about summer holidays?

Time with my wife, Anne, during which I can reflect on life as a whole, distilling the good and bad aspects, planning how to be a better person while sitting on a beach with a beer in my hand.

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