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17 November 2022

Spotlight on…Georgina Burrows

What first attracted you to a career in law?

I was attracted to law from the age of 11 after watching a courtroom drama series called ‘6 Days of Justice’. It looked exciting and glamorous. As I grew up, I decided that I would like a role where I could help people – particularly families. So, early on in my career I focussed on family law.

What type of legal advice do you provide and to what sort of clients?

I provide advice in all aspects of family law but tend to gravitate to high-conflict private children law cases, where there are serious allegations of domestic and child abuse.

What is your most memorable legal experience and why?

It is difficult to single out any particular case as they are all so different. The thing which gives me most pleasure is when I hear from clients long after their case has concluded, and they tell me about how their life has moved on and improved. However, there have been several memorable moments.

It was very exciting to have a case recently reported in the law reports.

Many years ago, I had a housing case where I acted for a travelling family who were being evicted from land they and others were on. Every family was evicted except my clients who were able to stay due our strategy of focussing on the health needs of a family member.

Another time was when I acted for a young woman in wardship proceedings. She was little more than a child herself and I used to pick her up from her home for court hearings. I once saw her children who were the subject children – they were beautiful, but clearly in the wrong environment. I ended up calling one of my daughters after one of the children as I was so struck by the injustice to my client (a child herself) who only had me to comfort her at court when an order was made for their removal.

What is your number one top tip for clients?

Counselling is cheaper than crying over the phone to your lawyer. It will help you identify your goals and help you give consistent instructions.

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