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30 June 2021

Watch now: In-depth video series for In-house Lawyers

Whilst the country’s reopening spells good things for many, it does bring a new layer of challenge and complexity for in-house lawyers. There will inevitably be unfamiliar questions to answer, potential workplace disputes, required adaptations to daily office life, and many more. Staying on top of the rapidly changing regulations is paramount. Watch our videos below.


Elizabeth Beatty, Head of In-House Lawyer services, introduces our video series here:


Regulatory specialist looks at the 12-month impact of Covid-19 on health and safety regulation, including pandemic case law and vaccinations.


Commercial specialist Dan De Saulles looks at how to apply endeavour clauses, and their recent interpretation in law.


Data protection specialist Georgia Shriane looks at the changes, and consequences, of recent data protection law amendments.


Employment specialist Michael Stokes looks at employment law in regard to furlough, restructuring, vaccines, and home working.


Commercial specialist Steve Thomas examines the use of, law behind, and common misconceptions of indemnities.


Introducing HCR Flex

Born of in-house lawyer demand to access quick and affordable legal support in times of low resource or specialist requirements, we have launched HCR Flex.

HCR Flex turns the traditional legal charging model on its head. You can use it to supplement or complement your in-house counsel, or use it independently, to access commercial legal expertise when you need it most.

It means no more spiralling legal costs, no more restrictive contracts, and no more time wasted in debating the need for outside counsel.

Jamie Radford, Global General Counsel, Alexander Mann Solutions Group, said: “Steve Thomas and Kevin Mahoney helped us deliver a material and time critical project for the business. The combination of associate resource with effective partner oversight, at a very competitive blended day rate, enabled the HCR team to become very quickly assimilated into our project team and ultimately provide a high-quality set of project deliverables in accordance with the required project timelines. This in turn enabled us to maintain continued and business critical legal compliance.”

If you would like further information about the range of our In-House Lawyer Services or HCR Flex please get in touch.

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