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18 August 2020

Webinar: Ask the Wills, Trusts and Estates Experts

In this episode of our Ask the Expert series, Dawn Oliver, Head of Wills, Trusts and Estates, puts the questions you submitted on making a will, setting up a trust and what is involved in being an executor to partners David King and Alex Taylor.

Conversation topics include (timings are in brackets):

  • (00:30) What happens to a person’s assets if they don’t make a will?
  • (01:50) If someone is shielding and unable to meet with witnesses to sign their will, can this be done remotely and if so how?
  • (03:49) Can a will cover digital assets such as photos stored on computers, online bank accounts and cryptocurrency and if so, how does an executor access these?
  • (06:32) How can trusts be used to protect someone’s assets for both themselves and their family?
  • (09:10) Are there any disadvantages of a trust?
  • (11:38) What is involved in being an executor?
  • (13:58) Do executors get paid?
  • (15:30) What happens if circumstances change and executor can no longer carry out their duties?
  • (17:45) What happens if someone tells you they have left you something in their will, but you have still not heard anything some time after their deaths?
  • (20:40) How can you pass inheritance on to another generation and are there any tax consequences?
  • (23:12) Are there any benefits to leaving gifts to charity in a will?

You can submit questions to [email protected]

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About the Authors
Dawn Oliver, Senior Partner

Dawn Oliver is a Worcester solicitor, specialising in private client law.

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Alex Taylor, Joint Head of Private Client Team

Alex Taylor is a Cheltenham solicitor, specialising in private client law.

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