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13 July 2020

Webinar: Maximising your R&D and innovation after Covid-19

In this webinar, in partnership with Ballards LLP, we take a look at the impact of the various Covid-19 loan schemes on R&D tax credits claims, and present the options available to businesses that find themselves in the situation of needing to review their position in this respect. We also discuss what businesses need to think about if they’re planning to sell an IP-rich business, and how they can protect their intellectual property and innovation.

This webinar is 1 hour and includes presentations from:

  • Nicola McNeely, Partner, Commercial, Head of Technology Sector, who introduces the webinar, at 0:05
  • Phil Waller, Tax Partner, Ballards LLP, who starts talking about issues arising out of the pandemic on R&D tax credits claims and how to minimise the risk of an HMRC challenge, at 2:10
  • Inger Anson, Partner, Corporate and Rajeshree Bhojnani, Partner, Commercial, who start talking about key intellectual property issues that tech or IP-rich businesses should be considering if they want to ensure they are sale or investment ready, at 22:19
  • Q&A starts at 46:45.

We have answered all the questions asked before and during this webinar here.

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Nicola McNeely, Partner, Head of Technology Sector

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Nicola McNeely is a Cardiff, London and Ross-on-Wye based solicitor, specialising in commercial.

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