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4 August 2020

Webinar: Redundancies – the basics

If you’re looking to restructure your workforce to manage the changing needs of the business, you may need a refresh on how the redundancy process works. In this webinar we look at the basic requirements behind every redundancy including the need for consultation with employees, alternatives to redundancy, redundancy payments and potential claims that could arise.

This webinar is 34 minutes 54 seconds long, and includes presentations from:

  • Chris Mayers, Partner, Employment and Immigration who introduces the webinar and starts talking about where a redundancy situation may arise and the essential requirements for a fair redundancy process including collective consultation at, 00:06
  • Andrea Thomas, Partner, Employment and Immigration who starts talking about alternatives to redundancy, redundancy payments and appeals, and potential claims at, 10:45
  • We have answered all questions submitted during this webinar and the other two webinars in the ‘managing redundancies’ series here.

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About the Authors
Chris Mayers, Partner, Head of Employment in Wales

Chris Mayers is a Cardiff Solicitor, specialising in employment and immigration law.

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