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Adapting to changing deal structure - Lisa Thompson

Agility and flexibility were the keys to success when Lisa Thompson provided advice and draft documentation relating to the sale of the assets in an administration. The structure of the deal changed many times – there was even a last-minute change of the acquiring party. Joph Young, senior manager at Smith &Williamson LLP, said afterwards: “Lisa was agile, adaptable and very efficient in dealing with these changes and her advice and communication throughout were excellent.”

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Care and support for sale of family home

Head of Residential Property Team, Laura Upshall recently drew praise from a client for the care and support of their family home.

“Thank you for all your help on this, Laura, and for making it so stress free.” Grace

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Challenging a will draws praise

Helen Cain is helping a client to contest the validity of a will to uphold the deceased’s true wishes. In recognition of Helen’s considerate handling of the case to date, her client said: “I am very happy with everything you are helping me with and your prompt responses to me. You have restored my faith in solicitors!”

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