Latest Brexit

Brexit has brought with it some confusion as to the legal and commercial implications for business and for individuals.  There will be gradual changes to many aspects of regulatory life, to the laws and regulations that govern trade and commerce, to compliance, to immigration and employment, to dispute resolution.  In addition to commercial uncertainty, there will also be opportunities.  In these pages, our legal and transactional experts have written about the effects of Brexit on each of their specialisms.  These articles will be added to and updated over time, so you may wish to revisit this site occasionally.  If you have queries about any aspects of Brexit, please either contact the relevant HCR expert or send your query to Nicolas Groffman in the first instance.

The impact of Brexit on “passporting”

Is the potential loss of passporting rights causing banks to flee the UK? Wells Fargo have recently indicated that they will not wait for the UK to trigger the exit from the EU before taking ... more

Brexit provides no relief from EU data regulation

Following the British vote to leave the EU, few things remain certain: the fast-paced growth of digital developments will continue; the need to protect individuals’ interests will remain a ... more

Brexit Article 50 – High Court Ruling

Today, the High Court rejected the government’s argument that it can trigger Article 50 without parliamentary authority.  It is unlikely this will stop Brexit, but it might delay it by a ... more