Latest Brexit

Brexit has brought with it some confusion as to the legal and commercial implications for business and for individuals.  There will be gradual changes to many aspects of regulatory life, to the laws and regulations that govern trade and commerce, to compliance, to immigration and employment, to dispute resolution.  In addition to commercial uncertainty, there will also be opportunities.  In these pages, our legal and transactional experts have written about the effects of Brexit on each of their specialisms.  These articles will be added to and updated over time, so you may wish to revisit this site occasionally.  If you have queries about any aspects of Brexit, please either contact the relevant HCR expert or send your query to Nicolas Groffman in the first instance.

EU citizens’ rights post-Brexit: Update

With the Brexit deadline now only a year away, one of the biggest concerns for EU citizens and the businesses who employ them, is what their status will be post-Brexit. In December last year, ... more

Your questions about Brexit

A year after the Brexit referendum, we asked South West businesses key questions about its impact – we reflect on their views and offer our advice on how to be ready to make the most of Brexit ... more

Chaos or opportunity? Brexit and the agri sector

The first duty of government, it is said, is to feed its people. Successive governments challenged the farming sector to raise its standards, to produce more and to mechanise. Farms became ... more

Brexit and the Impact on Foreign Judgments

As Brexit negotiations continue to be ever present in the headlines, it is a timely reminder for parties contemplating litigation or with concluded cases to consider the impact Brexit will have ... more

Brexit – time to make new links

Brexit negotiations continue, with gifts and barbs being exchanged in apparently fairly equal measure, and still it is not clear whether we are heading for a hard or soft exit. EU law affects ... more