Major IT project rescued from brink with dispute resolution

The development of integrated corporate IT systems, handling millions of clients’ data can be fraught with problems, as dispute resolution expert Philip Hooley found when dealing with one of the world’s leading IT suppliers.

The company was taken on by a firm which had been tasked with renewing a major utility company’s customer relationship management (CRM) systems. The large and complex task was complicated further by the utility company’s desire to ensure that the system was robust and flexible enough to support other utilities in the same way.

The process involved cutting edge technology and systems, and the IT supplier was keen that it should succeed because of its potential for expansion into a sizeable new market.

When it ran into difficulties, instead of taking the kind of aggressive approach which led a competitor in a similar position into a costly and lengthy court battle which it lost, Philip advised the supplier to manage the problem with unique alternative dispute resolution techniques that he had developed.

He was able to help them to resolve the problems, obtain the large payments which were due, restore the project to a working system and re-establish client relations on both sides.
This approach meant that, far from being an on-going problem, the supplier was able to showcase the project as a success with the client’s backing, creating an opportunity and achieving the client’s business ambitions.

The supplier said: “Philip uses his significant experience and expertise to create choices for the business decision makers, he always adopts a collaborative and creative approach, explaining the merits and risks of any given scenarios; this allows people to learn and grow from jointly exploring the proposed rationale and action plans.
“The business has benefited significantly from Philip’s expert contribution and is, without doubt, carrying less risk and more commercial benefit as a result.”

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