Telecoms infrastructure dispute solved with expert help

Cutting back on staff had unintended consequences for an IT supplier which supplied crucial parts of global telecoms infrastructure across the world – it led them into a dispute which was resolved with Philip Hooley’s help, maintaining the company’s leading position in the sector.

The company provided highly specialised and complex systems which it expected to establish as the leading systems in the sector for up to 10 years until new technology replaced them.

But a review of staff numbers led to cuts throughout the company and the special unit which was developing the next generation of telecoms equipment became an independent unit which acted as a consultancy.

When a dispute between the company and this new consultancy arose, the company’s market-leading position was threatened in both the short term and the long term, along with the jobs of an entire division.

Philip was able to work with the firm to analyse the key issues at stake and focus on the most important – the strategic approach used meant that the firm bought the consultancy, protecting its position in the sector for the future.

The client said of Philip: “I always found him very quick to respond, with first class service, combining razor-sharp legal advice with an important understanding of our commercial objectives.

“Philip helped in resolving some particularly difficult mediation and his style was commercial and pragmatic, leading to a favourable outcome.”

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