Alternative Dispute Resolution

Family disputes can be very acrimonious and painful so it is no surprise that getting divorced or separating from your partner is one of the most stressful things that you can do in your life. You may be having difficulty coming to terms with the breakup of the relationship. You will have worries about the finances and the children issues. With emotions often running high at the outset it is no wonder that so many cases end up at court and the issues between you inflamed.

The reality is that whilst the court process may be invaluable in some circumstances, it does not remove the stress and can end up being a more costly alternative.

It is understandable, therefore, that you may not know which way to turn and feel overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Nowadays, clients are even keener to find cost effective ways of dealing with their disputes and, as a result, more are considering alternative ways to resolve their differences and are turning to Mediation and Collaborative Law.

Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ Alternative Dispute Resolution Service is uniquely placed to offer those alternatives. With 2 highly experienced Family Law Mediators, Jonathan Brew and Brenda Spain. Jonathan Brew and Brenda Spain offer a unique blend of co-mediation with both a male and female mediator to bring a balance to the mediation process. We also have two highly experienced Family Law Collaborative Lawyers, Andrew Caldicott and Mathew Waddington and in addition Carolyn Green is an arbitrator. All our ADR specialists have a wealth of legal experience between and are very highly regarded.

We can offer these services from any of our offices at Worcester, Cheltenham, Birmingham, the Thames ValleyHereford or the Wye Valley at a time to suit you.

The decisions you take when your relationship breaks down have far-reaching and lasting implications, not only for you but your children and family as well. Therefore, it is crucial that you get the right advice and guidance right from the outset about what is right for you in your particular circumstances.

All too often parties find themselves at court and the costs can be run up quickly. A final solution may be imposed by the court and may not reflect either your or your partner’s requirements.

To help you consider all of your options carefully, Harrison Clark Rickerbys offer a free options interview with one of their Alternate Dispute Resolution specialists to go through those options with you to find a solution which is best for you and your family and to help you to identify a process that you will be comfortable with.

Call us now on 01905 612001 to see Jonathan Brew or Brenda Spain.