“Safeguarding your family’s future by making a will is one of the most important decisions you will make.”

Dawn Oliver, Head of Private Client, Harrison Clark Rickerbys

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Wills are often straightforward and can be written with the minimum of fuss. Some wills, however, require specialist technical knowledge and our experience and expertise will ensure that you have the right will for your particular needs.

It is vital to have an up to date Will to ensure your assets pass to your heirs. Wills have become an essential part of tax planning. Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ Private Client Team provides advice on:

  • The appointment of Executors
  • The appointment of guardians for minor children
  • The making of cash and specific property legacies
  • The distribution of the remainder of your estate
  • Setting up a trust within the Will
  • Providing essential administrative provision for trusts created in the Will
  • Tax efficient Wills for spouses and civil partners
  • Wills with children as beneficiaries and other vulnerable beneficiaries
  • ‘Living Wills’
  • Court approved Wills for those lacking capacity to make a Will

Harrison Clark Rickerbys specialist Private Client Team will help plan suitable wills for those in second marriages with more than one family to consider, and for civil partners or unmarried couples who own property jointly, or run a business which cannot be split or sold.

Often we will advise you to incorporate trusts into your will in order to protect children or other vulnerable members of your family, and in order to preserve your property, possessions and business.

The right will can be a strategic building block in the overall management of your family wealth.

We can visit you at your home or place of work, even out of office hours in most cases. We will always work alongside your accountant and financial adviser. You can also visit us at any of our offices, located in Worcester, Cheltenham, Hereford, Ross-on-Wye Thames Valley and Birmingham. We also have a serviced office in London where our solicitors can advise you on your wills.

We also offer a full executor and trustee service if you prefer to choose a professional rather than friend or family member.

Contested Wills

When a will is contested, it can give great cause for concern. Our specialist team can assist.

We as members of STEP adhere to the STEP Code for Will Preparation in England & Wales details of which can be obtained here.