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Tailored legal advice for Brexit

Every business and individual affected by Brexit will need to take action to move forward under our new relationship with the EU.

However, every business and every individual is unique. You may need legal advice or guidance based on your specific circumstances. If this is the case, we are here to help. We have legal experts in all disciplines ready to help you overcome the challenges and embrace the opportunities, one of whom is based in the Netherlands.

Read our Q&A on how Brexit affects VAT rules for import and export.

Robert Capper

Partner, Head of Insights explaining why you should be planning ahead for Brexit.

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Big ships with shipping containers on

04th Feb 2022

Indicators of possible strain in the supply chain

It is, and has for some time, been well reported that there are issues facing anyone involved in manufacturing that involves a supply chain.  These include: Global shipping We have all seen or read reports of ships “stacking” outside ports, ships/containers being in the “wrong” part of the world and that the cost of freight […]
Webinar: International Trade and the Rules of origin – Don’t be caught out!

26th Mar 2021

Webinar: International Trade and the Rules of origin – Don’t be caught out!

If your business is trading goods between the UK and the EU, the rules of origin requirements are some of the most important provisions that your business needs to understand and comply with. In this Q&A style webinar, Nicolas Groffman and Hannah Clements joined experts at Menzies, to discuss the rules of origin and the […]

11th Mar 2021

Data protection in a post Brexit Britain

The GDPR was touted as the gold standard for data protection in Europe. The huge fines for infringements stole headlines and businesses made their best efforts to be as GDPR compliant as possible, with many relying on the ICO’s leniency in the first 12 months of its implementation. This leniency appears to be waning. Over […]

10th Mar 2021

Sut bydd cyfraith yr UE yn effeithio ar sut rydych chi’n gadael eich asedau, hyd yn oed ar ôl Brexit?

Prif ddarn deddfwriaeth yr UE sy’n effeithio ar sut yr ydych yn gadael eich asedau ar ôl eich marwolaeth yw Rheoliad Olyniaeth yr UE, a elwir fel arall yn Frwsel IV. Pan gyflwynwyd y ddeddfwriaeth yn 2015, ni fabwysiadodd y DU Frwsel IV, ond mae’n dal i effeithio ar wladolion y DU sydd ag asedau […]

10th Mar 2021

How will EU law affect how you leave your assets, even after Brexit?

The main piece of EU legislation affecting how you leave your assets after your death is the EU Succession Regulation, otherwise known as Brussels IV. When the legislation was introduced in 2015, the UK did not adopt Brussels IV, but it still affects UK nationals with assets in, or those who are closely linked to, […]
Webinar: What’s the deal – How VAT is affected by the GB-EU Trade Agreement

26th Feb 2021

Webinar: What’s the deal – How VAT is affected by the GB-EU Trade Agreement

On 1st January 2021, the VAT rules for trade with the EU changed. In this webinar, we tackle the main differences and points of consideration in this new VAT operating model. We must now approach trade with the EU in the same way that we do with non-EU member states. Our ability to apply a […]
Webinar: What’s the deal – how the UK-EU Trade Agreement affects country of origin rules

08th Feb 2021

Webinar: What’s the deal – how the UK-EU Trade Agreement affects country of origin rules

In this webinar we tackled one of the biggest Brexit issues: country of origin rules. The rules of origin are how customs agents determine where an export has come from. This, in turn, defines the tariffs it will be subject to – tariffs which have changed in the new deal. On the surface this appears […]

03rd Feb 2021

The impact of Brexit on consumer protection law

On Christmas Eve of 2020, the UK and the EU finally reached a deal on a future trade agreement. During the arduous negotiation period which went to the wire of the transition period, businesses could be forgiven for overlooking the impact of Brexit on consumer protection issues, as their focus was on the more obvious […]

19th Jan 2021

Post-Brexit Immigration System for Employing Migrants

From 1 January 2021, freedom of movement with the European Union (EU) ended and a new UK points-based immigration system has come into effect. The system treats EU and non-EU citizens equally and aims to attract people who can contribute to the UK’s economy. Irish citizens will continue to be able to enter and live […]

19th Jan 2021

International sale of goods – INCOTERMS and Brexit

What are INCOTERMS and how can they help? INCOTERMS are a set of rules published by the International Chamber of Commerce. They are commonly used by suppliers and customers in contracts for the international sale of goods. The rules allocate responsibility between the parties in respect of the following: which party is responsible for carriage […]
Webinar: We need to talk about Brexit – Live Q&A

20th Nov 2020

Webinar: We need to talk about Brexit – Live Q&A

We don’t have a crystal ball on Brexit, but we can see that when the transition period comes to an end on 1 January 2021, you and your business need to be ready. In this webinar our experts answer your questions and help you prepare. This webinar is 31 minutes long and includes presentations from: […]
Biden US Election

08th Nov 2020

What does a Biden presidency mean for British business?

A free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States was one of the key goals of a post-Brexit Britain. It would enable trade between the two countries with fewer legal and regulatory hurdles and lower tariffs.  Achieving this seemed so close earlier in the year, but a combination of Covid-19 and Democrat anger at the […]

28th Oct 2020

Trade finance and Brexit

The international trade, commodities and export markets have become exceptionally dynamic, driven by volatile commodity prices, the growth of emerging markets and the economic downturn. Trade finance can help a range of businesses to purchase goods from suppliers, both overseas and here in the UK. Lots of high-growth SMEs need finance to support their business, […]

15th Oct 2020

Are you an EU data controller using a UK-based data processor?

If you are an EEA-based data controller who has appointed a UK-based processor to process personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR),  you will now need to review your processes. To date, this transfer of personal data between two EEA/ EU states has posed no difficulty as this is a permitted transfer […]

08th Oct 2020

Family law disputes: Brexit and what will change?

EU laws about family proceedings will no longer apply to the UK from the end of the transition period (11pm on 31 December 2020), and the government has just published details of the impact it will have on divorce, maintenance and matters relating to children (including on child abduction). Brexit will affect rules on the […]

07th Oct 2020

Funding the future of farming

The farming industry has known for some time that as a consequence of the UK’s departure from the EU, the previous system of farm funding (Basic Payment Scheme) will cease. It is to be replaced by ELMs (Environmental Land Management schemes), which are to be phased in over a seven-year transition period beginning in 2021. […]

02nd Oct 2020

Brexit and data transfers to and from the EEA

Data transfers to and from the EEA post Brexit have been a concern for some time. The UK has requested an adequacy decision from the EU, however such an adequacy decision relates to third countries (in relation to the EU), and therefore it seems likely that we will have to wait for the EU to […]

30th Sep 2020

Brexit – what will it mean for beef and lamb exports and meat standards?

Beyond 1 January 2021 new trading relationships with the EU and the rest of the world will begin –those are yet to be secured and in the case of a no-deal Brexit, UK livestock could be subject to high tariffs inflating the price to export into the EU. This poses the risk of suddenly diminished […]

30th Sep 2020

Importing PPE and medical devices without VAT or import duty – your questions answered

Q: How is it possible to pay no import duty and VAT on protective equipment, relevant medical devices or equipment brought into the UK from non-EU countries during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak? A: No import VAT and customs duties are payable on specified goods imported for one of the following purposes: for distribution free of […]

24th Sep 2020

Post-Brexit sponsor system for migrant workers – the essentials

The government is pressing ahead with the UK’s points-based immigration system, which will come into effect from 1 January 2021 once freedom of movement with the European Union (EU) has ended and Brexit takes effect. The system will treat EU and non-EU citizens equally and aims to attract people who can contribute to the UK’s […]

24th Sep 2020

Impact of Brexit on EU trade marks, registered Community designs and EU patents

EU legislation in the field of trade marks and designs will cease to apply in the UK from 1 January 2021, but the EU’s Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has set out how Brexit will affect intellectual property in the UK and in the EU. This reflected previous guidance issued by both the UK Intellectual Property […]

24th Sep 2020

How will Brexit affect family law in England and Wales?

With the end of the transition period looming at the end of December, two pieces of EU law relating to divorce, financial remedies, child maintenance and arrangements for children will then no longer apply to the UK if no agreement is reached in the meantime. Known as ‘IP completion day’, 31 December 2020 marks the […]

22nd Sep 2020

Regulatory law and Brexit – changes due in product manufacturing

The regulatory matrix under which businesses must operate in the 21st century derives only in part from EU law and much of that has already been adopted into UK law. At the end of the transition period, businesses will still have to abide by the many and varied laws on money laundering, bribery, corporate governance […]

18th Sep 2020

UK announces a new free trade agreement with Japan

The UK’s first major post-Brexit trade deal, a free trade agreement with Japan, has been welcomed; the resulting increase in UK/Japan trade is estimated at £15bn. Some coverage of the deal emphasised the projected resultant increase in GDP as being only 0.07%, but this is a respectable number for trade with a single country and […]

14th Sep 2020

The future for data transfers post-Brexit

Post Brexit, data transfers from the UK to the US and other countries beyond the EU will be governed by the domestic legislation known as the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA), legislation which is aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that, initially at least, the UK will remain aligned with the […]

08th Sep 2020

Current trends in mergers and acquisitions

Richard Wilkey, Partner, Head of Corporate in London, took part in Business Leader’s merger and acquisitions roundtable discussion about current trends in M&A. He said: “Deal activity is definitely on the rise, which is pleasing, as this is against a backdrop of the lowest half yearly total deal values since 2013. Activity is being driven […]

08th Sep 2020

Private Client team shortlisted for a Law Society Excellence Award

We’re delighted that our Private Client team, led by Dawn Oliver, has been shortlisted for a Law Society Excellence Award. Their commitment to their clients, demonstrated not only through excellent advice and support, but also by offering innovative services such as Wills at Work and wills in Welsh, shines through. Dawn said: “I am so […]

07th Sep 2020

HMRC investigates image rights structures for professional footballers

The value of image rights to professional footballers and their clubs, and how that is managed for tax purposes, is once again in the spotlight, as HMRC is investigating the structures set up to manage tax liability. What are image rights and why are they used? Image rights (in relation to football) are rights that […]

07th Sep 2020

Be careful how you brand your business

Developing a brand is a complicated business. You want your brand to stand out and you want it to be memorable. In the news recently two business owners had reached that eureka moment. They thought they had come up with the perfect solution, alas, their creative ideas fell foul of the law. Miel Gibson A […]
Webinar: Ask the legal experts in partnership with Meat Business Women

04th Sep 2020

Webinar: Ask the legal experts in partnership with Meat Business Women

As businesses begin to return to normal, or adapt to the ‘new normal’, following the pandemic and with Brexit on the horizon, many are asking questions about the way forward, not least in the meat industry. In this webinar hosted by Meat Business Women, our experts answer your legal questions. Questions answered by: Bryn Thomas, […]

28th Aug 2020

Do I need to amend my construction and engineering contracts to deal with Covid-19?

In short, the answer is almost certainly “yes”. We have dealt with dozens of enquiries over the last few months with regard to existing contracts, such as JCT and NEC contracts, and how they should be interpreted in light of Covid-19. As the interpretation is often unclear, we have more often than not, been involved […]

18th Aug 2020

Brexit is behind us, but the real exit approaches. What should businesses do now?

Boris Johnson declared Brexit was “done” on January 31st 2019 when Britain formally left the EU and entered a transition period. British companies haven’t felt the full effects yet – how will they be affected by our actual exit on December 31 and what should they do to adapt? By January 1 next year, we […]

18th Aug 2020

Employee monitoring software – snooping or careful management?

The UK’s Information Commissioners Office (ICO) is investigating reports that Barclays Bank used potentially intrusive employee monitoring software. This system was used over the past 18 months to monitor anonymised employee performance data, but it appears that from February, the software functions were changed so that the data was no longer anonymised. This meant that […]

30th Jul 2020

New guidance for importing to the UK in 2021

As the UK prepares for the end of the Brexit transition period, new HMRC guidance has been issued to importers, with several different options on offer, depending on the type of goods being imported and the eligibility of the importer. In all cases, importers may use customs intermediaries, but if they choose not to, the […]

10th Jun 2020

New cross-border tax obligations

Companies who trade across borders will face a new tax reporting obligation from October, when an EU directive comes into force governing those who are involved in cross-border tax arrangements. Affecting the UK and any other country overseas, the directive, known as DAC6, will cover the UK and Ireland, the British Virgin Islands and the […]

03rd Dec 2019

Looking ahead to 2020

Election, Brexit… It’s tricky to write a piece about looking forward to next year when an election and Brexit are around the corner just as we go to print. Politically we’re in uncharted waters. For some, the newspapers and social media reports are enough to make them want to curl up in front of the […]
Cyber Security, Data protection, GDPR

28th Nov 2019

Cyber security and data protection – an inevitable convergence?

New cyber security threats The way businesses operate is constantly evolving and there has been an exponential growth of internet services including online data storage in recent years. As these new technologies have become increasingly prevalent and relied upon by businesses, a raft of new cyber security threats has emerged. We look here at how […]
EU UK, GDPR, Brexit, data flows

28th Nov 2019

What effect will Brexit have on GDPR and your processing activities?

Data flows between the EU and the UK The sharing of customers’, citizens’ and employees’ personal data between EU member states and the UK is vital for business supply chains to function and public authorities to deliver effective public services. At the moment personal data flows between the UK and the EU are unrestricted because […]
Top tips to consider when reviewing contracts ahead of Brexit. Daniel De Saulles, commercial solicitor based in Worcester

18th Sep 2019

Top tips to consider when reviewing contracts ahead of Brexit

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson vows to leave the EU with or without a deal on 31 October, Brexit is fast becoming an ever-closer reality. But what will this mean for our commercial contracts? Whether or not your business trades with other EU members, as a business owner you will have a general idea of […]
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) post-Brexit plans. Claire Holford, reading solicitors, litigation

30th Apr 2019

FCA and ASIC’s post-Brexit plans

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) have agreed that the UK and Australia finance sectors can continue to interact, irrespective of the outcome of Brexit negotiations later this year, providing continuity and certainty to those dealing in financial services on both sides of the world.   What does […]

23rd Apr 2019

GDPR – the effect of Brexit on overseas transfers of personal data

The GDPR, now almost a year old, places restrictions on data controllers and data processors who wish to process “personal data” (information about living individuals) on EU citizens outside the EEA. The intention behind these rules is to ensure that, in the event of the transfer of personal data outside the EEA, those citizens retain […]
Are probate fees rising and how will that affect me. probate solicitors

18th Apr 2019

Are probate fees rising and how will that affect me?

The cost of obtaining a Grant of Probate was due to rise this April but continuing Brexit discussions have delayed the process in Parliament. The changes however, when they do come into force, could adversely affect executors who are trying to administer their loved one’s estate. The current flat fee of £215, which has to […]
The Netherlands and the UK views of Brexit. Corporate International Lawyer, Nicolas Groffman

06th Mar 2019

Brexit from both sides of the Channel

When it comes to Brexit, what UK companies say and what they do may be different, Nicolas Groffman, head of our international team, told the Middelburg seminar; what they do is much more reliable as an indicator of flexibility and responsiveness. He told the seminar that he had observed some companies localising – looking for […]
Brexit is making it harder to deal with the UK. International lawyer

05th Mar 2019

Brexit is making it harder to deal with the UK

Many Dutch firms are concerned about how Brexit will continue to affect them, and some are finding it harder to trade with UK companies, as revealed in feedback from an event we held recently in the Netherlands. Our Brexit seminar in Middelburg brought together more than 60 business leaders from the Netherlands. They either had existing […]
The Future of Church of England Academies. Education lawyer, Cheltenham solicitors

05th Mar 2019

The Future of Church of England Academies – What comes next?

Church of England Dioceses across the country have played a pivotal role in the academies programme since the early days. With 4,644 Church of England schools, it was inevitable that the decisions made to remain as voluntary aided or voluntary controlled schools or convert to academy status would have a profound impact on the educational […]
Supply chains hit by manufacturers’exits. Technology lawyer

21st Feb 2019

Supply chains hit by manufacturers’ exits

Decisions by major automotive manufacturers such as JLR, Ford and Honda to limit production in the UK, or to move operations abroad, in some cases because of Brexit, are hitting not only their own workforces but also their supply chains, with businesses of all sizes already feeling the effects. Honda, which has this week announced […]
Supreme Court stirs up uncertainty for care sector. Worcester solicitors specialising in Health and social care

19th Feb 2019

Supreme Court stirs up uncertainty for care sector on sleep-in pay

The battle over sleep-in pay, which was thought to have been resolved by the Court of Appeal last year, has been revived by the Supreme Court, which has allowed an appeal by Unison, the union representing employees. The case between Unison, on behalf of Tomlinson-Blake, and Mencap, will now go before the Supreme Court – […]
Could Brexit be a force majeure event. Hereford Solicitors, dispute resolution, litigation.

18th Feb 2019

Could Brexit be a force majeure event?

Uncertainty surrounding Brexit has made contractual rights and obligations increasingly complex – for instance, being bound to a contract when the framework of the contract is significantly altered can be disastrous for business. One area of concern – Brexit and force majeure clauses – has become prominent with the recent dispute surrounding the European Medicines […]
How will Brexit affect my trademarks. Commercial solicitors

12th Feb 2019

How will Brexit affect my trade marks?

As with all things Brexit, nothing is currently set in stone and many of you will zone out at the mere mention of the “B” word, but some recent guidance from the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA) highlights the need to think about your trade mark protection in the EU now. As CITMA […]
Flag of United Kingdom, Holland and the EU

11th Feb 2019

Brexit – the view from across the Channel

We are obsessed with Brexit in the UK, with news channels full of nothing else, but how does the UK look now from across the Channel? We will be taking a view from the Netherlands with colleagues at Dutch law firm Adriaanse van der Weel in February. Brexit is likely to have consequences for other […]

23rd Jan 2019

How will your future workforce look?

Across the UK, employers are trying to plan ahead for their workforce; the disruption of Brexit cuts across all businesses of all sizes in all sectors within the UK, and is an issue that will remain at the forefront of our minds long after a deal is in motion. But it doesn’t have to be […]

15th Jan 2019

Food at the heart of Brexit for agriculture

Food production and food security are at the heart of Brexit for the agricultural businesses which are meeting the challenges in different ways – diversifying to spread risk, investing in technology, increasing herd/flock size or exploring other economies of scale, though concerns were expressed that the investment required will simply not be an option for […]
Ready for a global future. International solicitors talk Brexit

10th Jan 2019

Ready for a global future?

British business is responding to Brexit, even before it happens – our exports of goods and services to the rest of the world outstrip our exports to the EU, which have been falling from 55 per cent in 2006 to 43 per cent in 2016. The trend is clear – even with favourable tariffs and […]
Education sector, hope for innovation. Education solicitors

07th Jan 2019

Education sector hope for innovation

Brexit, like most tumultuous events, could lead eventually to innovation, but is now creating uncertainty in some areas for the education sector. Education institutions and bodies have voiced a wide range of concerns, including over the funding of apprenticeships. Tony Green, director of the Heart of Worcestershire College, said: “The unrelenting focus on Brexit has […]
Advanced Manufacturing, technology solicitors

03rd Jan 2019

Practical action in advanced manufacturing sector

From setting up ring-fenced Brexit teams to re-focusing export efforts outside the EU, advanced manufacturing businesses are taking practical action to prepare for Brexit. There are concerns about both the availability of supplies and possible delays to them entering the UK, employment and fears about higher costs and skills shortages. Those who set up specific […]
Harrison Clark Rickerbys, Cheltenham office group photograph

05th Dec 2018

Sector leaders express concern over Brexit workforce disruption

The Brexit negotiations will undoubtedly affect industry sectors in different ways with supply chain being a key consideration for manufacturers, and increased use of technology an attractive option within construction. But the one constant cause for concern amongst all the sector leaders we’ve been speaking with is that of their people. How to manage the […]
Nicolas Groffman, international corporate lawyer, shares his top tips on becoming Brexit ready

05th Dec 2018

Be Brexit-ready with our top tips

Nicolas Groffman, partner and head of the international team at HCR shares his top tips for all businesses: Keep a close eye on intellectual property (IP) protections – patents, trademarks, registered design rights and copyright could all change after Brexit so audit your IP protection now and double check after Brexit Customs declarations are likely to […]
Taking the region’s Brexit temperature. Brexit event in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire

05th Dec 2018

Taking the region’s Brexit temperature

In what is potentially the most uncertain time for UK businesses in decades, it’s difficult to put pen to paper on an issue that’s as fluid as the Brexit negotiations. So we’re listening to what our clients are saying, listening to industry leaders and engaging in conversation so that we can bring you business insight […]
“No-Deal-Brexit” and disputes involving EU countries. Tom Williams, dispute resolution solicitor

26th Oct 2018

“No-Deal Brexit” and disputes involving EU countries

At 11pm on 29 March 2019, the United Kingdom will cease to be a member of the European Union by operation of law as a result of the expiry of the two year period following the service of the “Article 50” notice by Prime Minister Theresa May. The UK Government and the EU are currently […]

02nd Oct 2018

Agricultural workers post-Brexit

An end to freedom of movement for migrant workers could hit the agricultural industry hard. Many farmers are reliant upon migrant workers at harvest time. Claims have even been made that crops will rot in the fields when we leave the EU because of the shortage of workers. The decision by Haygrove to move 200 […]
defence and security brexit

26th Sep 2018

Brexit and Defence

The UK is currently the strongest defence sector in Europe, with one of the largest defence budgets and a long and proud military history. However as Brexit looms, the sector that is crucial to our international standing, national security and domestic economy may be threatened. Concerns are mounting regarding access to the market, export and […]

25th Sep 2018

How are firms preparing for a shortage of EU workers post-Brexit?

Firms cannot prepare adequately for a shortage of EU workers because we still do not have a coherent post-Brexit immigration policy from the Home Office. This is not really the Home Office’s fault: whichever of two options they take, they risk infuriating large chunks of the population because the issue has become so toxic. However, […]

24th Sep 2018

Dispute resolution and enforcement: the Brexit transition

Brexit will not be a short, sharp cut-off moment but a drawn-out period of transition, according to a report compiled by the House of Lords’ EU Justice Sub-Committee on the ‘potential challenges, as well as proposing a practical model for future UK-EU dispute resolution procedures’. 29 March 2019 is the official ‘exit day’ for the […]

11th Sep 2018

Pubs’, bars’ and restaurants’ costs to be hit by no-deal Brexit, trade bodies warn

As the Government publishes its first set of technical papers on a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, hospitality leaders have said that no deal would cause problems for the sector, with upheaval, extra costs, imports and immigration issues to contend with. A ‘no deal’ scenario is one where the UK leaves the EU on 29 March next year […]

28th Aug 2018

Passporting – Key issues for the UK’s financial sector

One of the key issues for the UK’s strong financial sector concerned about Brexit is that of passporting – the rights which enable firms here to offer their services in the EU and EEA because of the regulatory framework here. Nicolas Groffman, Head of International, looks at some of the questions facing the sector as […]

28th Aug 2018

Is life in the UK more uncertain now Brexit is a reality?

‘Uncertainty’ is a word frequently used to describe the consequences of the Brexit vote, as if without a vote to leave, the future would have been predictable. This is plainly untrue; a remain vote would not have created a magic world of future certainty. It is also misleading to describe the UK as ‘a divided […]

15th Aug 2018

Opinion Piece – Theresa May, Brexit, and China – navigating choppy waters to new horizons

Theresa May has large, tired eyes, is covered in TV make-up, and is dressed in a spotless, perfectly pressed navy suit. She is in no mood for a chat. If you believe some sections of the media, the UK is a small, obsolete and directionless nation that has self-harmed its way onto the fringes of […]

29th May 2018

Will Brexit impact the UK’s defence & security sector?

Richard Morgan, head of our defence, security & the forces sector (recently recognised with the MoD’s silver award for services to the military community) shares his thoughts on Brexit’s impact for the sector. What are the immediate challenges? The UK has sadly experienced an increase in terrorist attacks in the last few years, many citizens […]

29th May 2018

Brexit – How is it impacting UK businesses?

Immediately after Brexit, the pound fell because of lack of investor confidence in our currency. As confidence increased when the predicted disaster failed to happen, the pound began to increase steadily in value and has continued to do so since 2016 and will presumably continue to do so unless Brexit really does turn out to […]

04th Apr 2018

EU citizens’ rights post-Brexit: Update

With the Brexit deadline now only a year away, one of the biggest concerns for EU citizens and the businesses who employ them, is what their status will be post-Brexit. In December last year, Britain and the EU came to an agreement regarding the rights of EU citizens in the UK who entered the UK […]

27th Mar 2018

Business and divorce – does the end of your marriage mean the end of your business?

Your marriage is coming to an end, but you still have a thriving business; can it survive the family fall-out and what part does it play when it comes to working out your financial settlement? James Grigg, who has been advising separating couples on the finer details for many years, both in the UK and […]

16th Mar 2018

Impact of Brexit on the health and social care sector

See our infographic on Health and Social Care here. The provision of health and social care is a subject that is relevant to us all – we have heard that staff shortages result in operations being cancelled or that there are inadequate cover levels in nursing homes. Most NHS staff in England are British – […]

07th Mar 2018

The Spectre of Contractor Insolvency

The current Carillion liquidation throws into sharp relief one of the key risks on a major capital project for a school or college – contractor insolvency. The construction industry is notoriously competitive and run on tight margins, often with cash flow problems which, combined with the Brexit hesitancy, high materials and labour price inflation lead […]

10th Jan 2018

Your questions about Brexit

A year after the Brexit referendum, we asked South West businesses key questions about its impact – we reflect on their views and offer our advice on how to be ready to make the most of Brexit in 2018. Question 1 | What puts you off exploring markets outside the EU?  “Business owners are concerned […]

10th Jan 2018

Chaos or opportunity? Brexit and the agri sector

The first duty of government, it is said, is to feed its people. Successive governments challenged the farming sector to raise its standards, to produce more and to mechanise. Farms became industrialised and labour costs reduced, all in the drive towards efficiency and to create cheap food. Europe became the market place of choice, with […]

03rd Nov 2017

Divorce in the UK – An international perspective

As the world becomes ever smaller with more and more people living international lifestyles, couples who have multiple nationalities or live in more than one country may have a choice of where to issue divorce proceedings. The varying approaches different countries take to how assets are shared on divorce mean that choosing the right country […]
Where will your science or technology venture be post-Brexit?

17th Oct 2017

Where will your science or technology venture be post-Brexit?

‘HOW much!?’ The potential impact of Brexit on science funding  Evolution takes hundreds of thousands of years, but with less than 500 days left till Brexit day, the Government needs to move much faster if it wants the UK to remain a world leader in science and technology. With Article 50 triggered earlier this year, […]

13th Sep 2017

How to secure overseas investment

This article first appeared in the latest edition of the ISBA Bursar’s Review. Economic and policy conditions in the UK have created a perfect storm for foreign investment in our schools. Pressure from Westminster, and likely policy changes, means that schools need to be able to self-fund and make real use of their core assets. UK […]

28th Jul 2017

Do you employ any EU nationals in your business?

The government has finally shed some light for EU citizens who are living in the United Kingdom. The snappily titled policy paper ‘Safeguarding the position of EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in the EU’ sets out the proposals. All treaty rights up to the point of the UK’s exit from the EU […]
Do you employ any EU nationals in your business?

28th Jul 2017

Do you employ any EU nationals in your business?

The government has finally shed some light for EU citizens who are living in the United Kingdom. The snappily titled policy paper ‘Safeguarding the position of EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in the EU’ sets out the proposals. All treaty rights up to the point of the UK’s exit from the EU […]

02nd May 2017

Do you want to get your business ready for Brexit?

Brexit negotiations continue, with gifts and barbs being exchanged in equal measure, and still it is not clear whether we are heading for a hard or soft exit. EU law affects nearly every aspect of national life, from grand concepts like constitutional law and foreign relations down to fine detail such as the shape of […]

25th Apr 2017

Is your business ready for a turnaround?

If Brexit is the national equivalent of a corporate turnaround, as has been suggested, how ready are UK business to be turned around before forced into it by the formal process of administration or insolvency begins, and does the process have to be as fraught as Brexit is proving? Sam Payne, partner and head of insolvency at […]

14th Mar 2017

The Brexit health and social care crisis

The ‘leave’ vote on 23 June 2016 has far ranging implications for UK businesses but topping the list of employers’ headaches is the question of how Brexit will affect migrant workers already employed or likely to be needed in the future. This has been echoed in our discussions with health and social care providers in […]

09th Feb 2017

Holiday pay… Look what happens when you go on a Bear hunt

In November 2014 the courts ruled that, in the case of Bear Scotland v Fulton, workers taking holiday should be paid their normal remuneration for their time off. In particular, where a worker receives payments in addition to basic salary – for example, compulsory overtime (whether guaranteed or not), commission payments, regular bonuses or shift allowances, these should be […]

03rd Feb 2017

Hospitality sector calls for EU workers to be protected under Brexit

Brexit should not prevent EU workers, many of whom work in the UK hospitality sector, from being able to work here, according to two industry bodies. The British Hospitality Association (BHA) and the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) have both called for the Brexit deal to take account of the sector’s labour needs; hundreds […]

16th Jan 2017

Key considerations for International distribution agreements

When a business decides to trade internationally, distribution and agency agreements are often the most efficient and cost effective means to reach a wider audience. If you have established that a distribution arrangement is more appropriate, there are several considerations and factors to be borne in mind, particularly in an international arrangement. Local law  You […]

12th Jan 2017

The implications of Brexit for employers and their migrant workers

The ‘leave’ vote on 23 June 2016 has far ranging implications for UK businesses but topping the list of employers’ headaches is the question of how Brexit will affect migrant workers already employed or likely to be needed in the future. When will the UK leave the EU? Extraction from the EU will take two […]

02nd Jan 2017

Brexit provides no relief from EU data regulation

Following the British vote to leave the EU, few things remain certain: the fast-paced growth of digital developments will continue; the need to protect individuals’ interests will remain a priority; and the UK has not escaped the European data protection regime.  With the UK’s exit from the EU unlikely to occur before mid-2019 and the General […]

26th Jul 2016

The effect of “Brexit” on UK public procurement legislation

Perhaps the first question is whether EU procurement rules continue to apply in the UK, post-referendum? In short, the answer is “yes”, because whilst the UK remains a member of the EU it has to comply with EU law, including EU procurement directives and related UK legislation. The second question is how much (if at […]

04th Jul 2016

The Effect of Brexit on Litigation

If one thing is clear as a result of the referendum result on 23 June 2016, it is that nothing is clear.  The uncertainty as to the effect of Brexit in both the short and long term could be very damaging for businesses; at best it is a distraction, at worst it could lead, directly […]

24th May 2016

GDPR – Here at last! and a note on BREXIT

Today is the day: the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is now in force! For more than 4 years now, the topic on the mind of many a privacy lawyer has been the GDPR, which is without a doubt the most fundamental development in data protection and privacy since the existing Data Protection Act 1998 […]

05th Jan 2016

Brexit and Commercial Contracts

On 23 June 2016, the UK voted to part ways with the European Union (the “EU”), 43 years after joining the EEC in 1973. The Prime Minister has since confirmed the government’s intention to trigger, in 2017, Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union and the reality of ‘Brexit’ is slowly being realised. Whether […]

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Michael Stokes, Partner, Head of Employment and Immigration Team

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Talk to me about how Brexit will affect farmers and rural business owners.

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