They made it! County women conquer Everest Base Camp

They made it! The group of 30 Herefordshire women who set off on a trek to Everest Base Camp, more 5,000m above sea-level, have completed the challenge and are on track to raise more money than planned for two charities.

Rebecca Kirk, from Harrison Clark Rickerbys, who took part in the expedition, said: “A few of us even managed to summit Kalapatar (5500m) the following morning, to watch the sun rise over Everest. We are the largest group of women ever to reach Everest Base Camp and that is quite an achievement”.

“It was incredibly tough but we didn’t only reach base camp, it also looks like we will smash our fundraising target of £120,000. We have been blown away by the support we have received and the interest that our trek has generated.”

The trek supported two charities – Community Action Nepal (CAN), which will now be able to build a home for elderly residents in the Langtang Valley in Nepal, which was devastated by an earthquake in 2015 – the home will be entirely paid for by the women’s fund-raising.

The second charity, Families’ Activity Breaks (FAB), will receive £60,000 to help bereaved children from military families to rebuild their lives – the charity, which supports all three forces, provides fun and challenging activity camps around the UK for bereaved military families.

Rebecca said: “It really has been the most incredible experience and one which I am extremely proud to have been involved in. To know that we have made a difference, however small, is an amazing thing but we really could not have done it without the support of our families, friends and colleagues along the way – so thank you.”

The women trained for over 18 months for the trek; it took seven days to reach the base camp and three to come down from it. They raised funds at Hereford’s Armed Forces Day celebration, as well as organising numerous charity events and getting sponsorship and donations from colleagues, employers, friends and families – including from Harrison Clark Rickerbys and other local businesses.

Rebecca Kirk at Everest Base Camp