Separation Agreement

If you are living with someone who you are not married to sometimes legal issues arise if you separate.

When we start out living together we of course do not anticipate that we will separate but unfortunately the reality is that this does happen and often the separation may not be on amicable grounds.

It is therefore sensible to put your wishes in writing at a stage that you are both able and willing to agree your terms.

What is a separation agreement?

A separation agreement is designed to make the parties’ intentions clear should the relationship breakdown.

Is the separation agreement binding in Court?

Although such agreements are not legally binding the Court will take them into account in deciding the fair outcomes of the separation.

Do I need any legal advice in addition to the Agreement?

Separation Agreements can be challenged and in order to increase the likelihood of them being upheld by a Court it is better to have them drawn up by a solicitor.  By using this online service you will be getting the advice you need.

What matters does the Separation Agreement cover?

Separation agreements are intended to cover matters most likely to arise such as housing, financial support, bank accounts and personal property to name a few.

Will my information be kept confidential?

All of your information will be kept confidentially, in our highly secure files. Only your appointed divorce solicitor and his/her immediate support colleagues will have access to your files. We are bound by the codes of the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority, which ensures that we up hold the highest standards of client confidentiality and client care.

Do I need to complete the form in one go?

Should you wish to complete the form in stages, over a period of time, all the information that you complete will be saved for you, so that you can return to the form at any point.

What do I need to do when you return my legal forms to me?

We will provide you with a step by step guide for what you need to do next.

Is there anything else I need to know before I purchase the form?

No, you are now ready to go, but don’t forget, if at any point whilst you are completing the form you need to ask a question, our qualified solicitors will be on hand at the end of the telephone to advise.