New rider for star pony thanks to equine team’s legal skills

Phoebe Peters with Lucci, Ruth Coupe and Esther Stirling (HCR)

Phoebe Peters with Lucci, Ruth Coupe and Esther Stirling (HCR)

The legal skills of Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ equine team have supported young dressage star Phoebe Peters in her progress, advising on the lease agreement for her gold medal-winning pony Lucci.

Phoebe, aged 16, from Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, and Lucci together have won eight European medals, five of which were gold and have twice been crowned European Champions; they also led the GB team to three team medals in three years. Now Phoebe is moving in to the Junior Riders squad and out of the GB Pony Team, a new rider has been found for Lucci, whose official name is SL Lucci, so that he can continue his competitive career at Pony FEI level.

Rachael Reeves, senior associate and equine specialist, who advised on the agreement, said: “I know it was terribly difficult for Phoebe to say goodbye to Lucci, with whom she has worked so hard and done so well, but he will be helping another young rider to achieve great things. We were delighted to be able to support this move and give Phoebe the reassurance that comes with having a legally binding agreement in place.”

The equine team, led by Ruth Coupe, is official legal partner to British Dressage and provides full legal support to members of British Dressage by way of a free legal helpline as well as discounted and preferential rates. The team is also the new legal helpline supplier for all legal queries for Gold/Friend/Life/Founder members of the British Horse Society.

Ruth Coupe said: “We are delighted to provide these services for both British Dressage and the British Horse Society, but obviously we are happy to help all owners and riders with their legal issues.”

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, loan or compete with a horse or pony; set up or run an equestrian business; set up a syndicate or training arrangement; are in dispute with someone regarding a horse related issue; or need advice on the occupation of property, wills, trusts, inheritance tax or employment, the team has an expert who will be able to help.

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