Webinar for Danish organisations: Doing business with the UK

27th November 2020


In this webinar, for Danish business leaders, we look at the challenges and opportunities of doing business with, or in the UK. We are delighted to be joined by experts from The Department of International Trade in Denmark, The Confederation of Danish Industry and Bech-Brunn.
This webinar is 56 minutes and 46 seconds long and includes presentations from:

  • Nicolas Groffman provides an update on Brexit and the transition and current opportunities for Danish businesses, at 01:19
  • Anders Ladefoged looks at the current UK-Denmark import and export market and the impact Brexit may have on this, at 08:24
  • Kasper Barfoed provides provide an overview of the Department of International trade and how they can help you prepare for the end of the transition period, at 18:01
  • Martin Draebye talks through the legal due diligence you can do now to prepare, at 29:32
  • Panel Q&A starts at 35:22

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