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How To Stay Ahead Of The Property Fraudsters

So, how does a property fraudster manage to sell a house they don’t own to an unsuspecting buyer and vanish with the proceeds, leaving the buyer without their money and without the house? ... more



Manufacturers, particularly those who trade internationally, will appoint distributors and have different distribution agreements in place for different countries, or ‘territories’. A large ... more



Well drafted distribution agreements will include a definition or schedule of the specific products which the distributor is entitled to sell. Depending on the nature of your business, it may be ... more



An exclusive agreement will require you as a supplier, to agree, to sell your products in that territory to only your distributor. By granting exclusivity, you will be prohibited from supplying ... more


Intellectual Property Rights

It is essential to ensure your distribution agreement includes express clauses relating to your intellectual property (‘IP’) rights to ensure that the goodwill and reputation your business ... more



Distributors do not have the benefit of the Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993 as they act as independent principals. The main benefits of these regulations not applying are ... more

Agency arrangement or distribution agreement

Agency arrangement or distribution agreement?

A distribution agreement is not the only way you can use a third party to widen your customer reach and expand your business. Rather than appointing a distributor, many businesses choose an agent ... more


Pension transfers: how to avoid failing victim

Pension reforms introduced in April 2015 have granted those aged 55 and over greater flexibility to use their pension pots like bank accounts, with the ability to withdraw thousands of pounds to ... more


The case to reform passports

One of the most pressing and contentious issues facing the equine world is that of the identification of animals – combining both the need for clear information which is vital for breeding and ... more


The impact of Brexit on “passporting”

Is the potential loss of passporting rights causing banks to flee the UK? Wells Fargo have recently indicated that they will not wait for the UK to trigger the exit from the EU before taking ... more