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Pragmatic changes proposed for licensing law

A major overhaul of the Licensing Act 2003 will not include scrapping late-night levies (LNLs) or set minimum unit prices for alcohol – the Government is likely to keep the existing structure ... more

A review of family-friendly working arrangements

In recent years, an array of family-friendly employment rights have been introduced to assist working parents with managing their childcare and work responsibilities. Maternity and paternity ... more

Data protection: privacy notice model documents

Disciplinary Investigations – what should be included? Investigations are an essential component of any grievance or disciplinary procedure. A recent case, NHS 24 v Mrs Pillar ... more


Since 2015 fundraising and its regulation has been under significant public and parliamentary scrutiny, the fundraising practices of a number of charities and their exposure by the Daily Mail and ... more

An update on Gender Segregation in Faith Schools

Segregation on grounds of sex is an issue which often arises in educational settings and in the provision of educational services. The Court of Appeal, in the recent case of HMCI v. The Interim ... more

Assignment of Receivables

The draft Business Contract Terms (Assignment of Receivables) Regulations 2017 (the “Draft Regulations”) are currently before Parliament. If approved, these would contain provisions to ... more

Divorce in the UK – An international perspective

As the world becomes ever smaller with more and more people living international lifestyles, couples who have multiple nationalities or live in more than one country may have a choice of where to ... more

Inheritance Act Claims

Increasing numbers of family members or dependants who have been left out of a will, or who did not receive as much as they had hoped, are bringing claims under the Inheritance (Provision for ... more

Replacing LIBOR

Earlier this year, the Financial Conduct Authority signalled that, by 2021, a reliable alternative to LIBOR will replace the infamous benchmark rate. This proposal has come following the LIBOR ... more