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Cyber security – from password to policy

Cyber security, and the need for understanding of the threat at all levels of any organisation, was the focus of two talks by David Ashcroft, senior legal counsel with Harrison Clark Rickerbys, ... more

Is your business Brexit-ready?

As Article 50 is triggered, Brexit is at the top of the news agenda, and David Ashcroft, senior legal counsel with Harrison Clark Rickerbys, joined a Hereford panel to discuss the implications ... more

Plevin, Costs & Top Up ATE

If a claimant with a pre-1 April 2013 After the Event (ATE) insurance policy at first instance, proceeds to an appeal and a top-up of the ATE premium (after 1 April 2013) is required to cover the ... more

Reporting Serious Incidents

What is a serious incident and when does it need to be reported? Charities (including independent schools which are registered as charities) have had to report serious incidents to the Charity ... more

Things to remember when letting your Property

There are a number of reasons for letting your house/flat, but the aim is usually the same – to obtain a rental income. Letting includes holiday lets, short term lets or Assured Shorthold ... more

Removal of Executors

Removing an Executor is not always as a result of any wrongdoing on their part, he/she can retire any time before they have accepted office and they can be removed or substituted at any time ... more

Make sure your agreement covers the essentials

Duration In your partnership agreement you will need to consider the length of time your partnership will last for. Partnerships will usually last indefinitely or for a fixed period of time set ... more

Beware of ‘partnerships at will’!

A partnership without a written agreement is a ‘partnership at will’, which is governed by the Partnership Act 1890 (the “Act”). This type of partnership is inherently unstable and ... more