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27 July 2020

Looking forward to inauguration as new president of Birmingham Law Society

Inez Brown, who leads the team in our sister firm Medical Accident Group, will make history tomorrow when she is inaugurated as president of Birmingham Law Society, as the Society’s first black president.

Inez, who has worked at law firms across the Midlands, and specialises in clinical negligence, plans to promote diversity inclusion, explore the application of technology on law firms and help to make agile working more widespread.

Having come from a disadvantaged background herself, she wants to enable two students from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter the legal profession. Scholarship and funding have been offered, and the successful candidates will also receive mentoring and support from HCR and another Midlands firm.

Having won Partner of the Year in 2016 and then served on the BLS committee and as vice-president last year, Inez’s year of office coincides with an upsurge in anti-racist activism in the Black Lives Matter movement. She said: “All lives matter, as we are all equal, but it is time to discuss what it means to be a black person in the UK and in the world.

“I have experienced racism, but I am quite confident and can brush off those comments and not allow them to kill my dream; many young black people do not have the support or willpower to overcome these difficulties. I have also received a great deal of help and support from white people who have introduced me to key contacts, acted as mentors and have supported me over the years and I could not have overcome these obstacles without them.  There are really good people in this world and we all need to work together.”

She said: “I am very excited by the opportunity to become an ambassador for the Society and to inspire many young people to join the profession and the Society.”

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Inez M. Brown, Head of Clinical Negligence

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