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Commercial IP and IT is a dynamic area of law; it offers unique opportunities to protect clients’ legal interests by giving advice tailored to their business objectives.

I am genuinely interested in my clients’ businesses, taking the time to understand their priorities so that I can proactively help them and overcome legal hurdles. Having experience working with businesses – small and large – on their commercial contracts, software copyright and privacy policies, I offer an industry-focused approach with a wealth of specialist knowledge and tailored advice.

Outside work, I love hiking with family and friends, and road trips across Europe.

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Get your commercial (technology) contracts tailored for your business to ensure contract certainty and protect your legal interests.

Get your policies right and act on them to avoid any business disruption.

With the rise in technology, it is essential to conduct IP due diligence, and to protect and maintain your IP as one of your most valuable business assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need contract in writing?

Not all contracts have to be in writing to be legally enforceable. Nevertheless, a written contract is always a better option to protect your business, avoid any misunderstandings as to each party’s rights and obligations, and to prevent possible disputes. Contracts do not necessarily need to be long and complex to achieve these objectives.

Similarly, if you use standard terms and conditions, it is important to review them on regular basis to ensure that any changes in law (legislative changes or new case law) or the way you do business are properly addressed.

Can I invoke the Force Majeure clause?

This will depend on the specific wording of the relevant clause in your contract as there is no general definition of Force Majeure. Whether you can rely on (and engage) the Force Majeure clause will depend on many factors such as to whether a specific event falls within the definition of the Force Majeure event in your contract, whether such an event is the sole cause of your non-performance or late performance, whether the clause imposes any formal requirements (such as notice or mitigation) to be complied with to be able to claim relief from liability for non-performance or late performance of your contractual obligations.

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