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Andrew Breakwell, Partner

Family Law

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A bit about me

Being a genuine specialist in resolving complex financial family law issues, my focus is coming to a complete understanding of all the facts in a case and getting to the bottom of the very best way forward. It takes a good deal of hard work and a detailed knowledge of the law and how it applies to the matter in hand, but that’s where skill, commercial understanding and tenacity have always stood me in good stead.

My experience as head of a national family practice, as well as being the lead lawyer in numerous major cases, some of international importance, means that I am ideally placed to advise on a range of options for my clients. I am committed to exploring resolution or arbitration whenever possible – so many cases need never go to court and are much more fairly resolved outside it.

Beyond work, I play golf and my hobby is landscape painting.

Want to know more?

Successful litigation is about good strategy.

Conduct constant risk assessment and re-evaluation.

Don’t reach a day mid-trial and wish you had settled sooner.

It’s absolutely correct to say that pre-nuptial agreements are not currently legally binding in England and Wales; however, the court will probably take a pre-nuptial agreement into account when overseeing a case and is likely to uphold it, as long as certain safeguards have been met. Talk to me to find out more.

A pre-nuptial agreement must be signed at least one month before a wedding, allowing both parties time to consider the contract they are entering into.

Will we lose?

Bad planning or poorly thought out strategy will virtually guarantee a defeat. The timely execution of good strategy is key to success.

What’s your experience?

I am a specialist in family finance. I was in the first cohort in the UK both to fully qualify as an arbitrator with IFLA and in 1998 to qualify as a Resolution-accredited specialist in complex financial and property matters (high income households and substantial assets) and have for some time been a core assessor for Resolution national examinations.

Is court the only alternative?

No. There are many better alternatives. Some cases rightly are heard in court. Many are not. I am a fully qualified arbitrator (the first cohort in the UK) and believe that arbitration is a viable alternative to the court process.

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