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Annabel Hull, Legal Director

Real Estate

Direct Dial: 01242 248 584
Mobile: 07967 763 604

A bit about me

I love drafting documents and going over titles with a fine-tooth comb, and commercial property is a perfect blend of these two elements. This side of conveyancing is like a super-sized version of residential conveyancing, as we’re dealing with larger properties and longer contractual documents. I typically work with institutional landlords, banks, individual landlords and leaseholders.

I’m a professional, dedicated and knowledgeable solicitor and put in every hour necessary to conclude a deal, treating each transaction as if it were my own. I have a keen eye for detail and am more than happy to go through long, complex documents, making every effort to ensure I achieve what you’re looking for.

Away from the office I love spending time with family, skiing, my motorbike and exploring the world.

Want to know more?

Involve your solicitor in the transaction as early as possible – use them to review draft Heads of Terms before finalising them, for example.

Understand that we need time to do your work properly and trust that we know how important your transaction is.

Please provide us with any documents that we ask for and in the right format.

How quickly can we complete?

It depends on the transaction and all parties involved.

Why do I need to provide you with ID documents/Source of Funds information? 

In order to protect clients and other parties, we are under statutory obligation to ensure that clients are who they say they are and that money is coming from legitimate sources.

Do you need the original signed documents or will a scan suffice? 

We generally need the originals in property work, but keeping a scan for your own records is often helpful.

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