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Contentious probate deals with disputes arising when someone is already dealing with all the emotions surrounding bereavement and loss. As a result, my advice is always both empathetic and pragmatic. Each client is different but the common factor is my focus on helping them to resolve a problem which has arisen at a very difficult time.

I work with a range of clients, including charities who have been left legacies in wills; if those legacies are challenged, the charities have a duty to their trustees to defend the claim and to maximise the legacy to them. Executors of estates come to me for help, as do beneficiaries – anyone involved in the administration of someone’s estate in which problems and disagreements develop

Outside work, I love singing and acting, as well as running.

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Make a will and share your testamentary wishes with your family so they know what’s coming when you die

Do not pursue litigation blindly as a ‘matter of principle’. It is a costly way to resolve a dispute and it is important to take a balanced approach.

Be open to resolution and discussion with the ‘other side’. So often this kind of dispute can be resolved at mediation or through correspondence.

Can someone leave their money to anyone they want in a will?

Yes, in England and Wales. However, there is legislation which allows certain categories of people to claim financial provision out of an estate.

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