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A bit about me

I enjoy working with people to solve problems and I want to reassure them at a difficult time of their lives, by listening to their anxieties and concerns and understanding their position.

Whether they are going through a divorce, dealing with issues relating to their children or their finances, I can help with practical and forward-thinking advice. For couples who are just beginning their lives together, I can help with the terms of pre- or post-nuptial agreements.

Outside work, I love spending time with my own family, but I also love to keep fit.

Want to know more?

Write down issues which you wish to resolve and bring them with you to your initial appointment or provide them throughout the process. We can work through them and put your mind at rest or action the next steps.

Take as much as financial advice as possible. Some assets are complex and definitely require other expert advice to be able to deal with them effectively.

Try your best to stay calm and trust we will resolve matters for you. Stay off social media if emotions are running high!

How long will this process take?

It is likely to take between four and 12 months, depending on whether court hearings are needed and whether you have both agreed on a divorce.

How much will this cost?

It is very hard to give a complete estimate, but we will always try to resolve matters as soon as possible and provide cost estimates.

Can I get more than a 50/50 split in the final settlement arising from a divorce?

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