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Charis Haynes, Solicitor

Family Law

Direct Dial: 0121 2274 370
Mobile: 07909 919 513

A bit about me

Having legal safeguards during personal difficulty and distress can be hugely reassuring. As a family law solicitor, I take great pleasure in being able to guide my clients through their challenges, and in helping them build the next happy chapter in their lives. I draw upon my cross-sector experience from outside law, to provide a broad experience and deep understanding of my client’s key issues. With empathy and practicality, I develop meaningful relationships with individuals who are looking for resolutions to their personal problems.

One of my great passions is being able to identify and achieve any desired outcome for my clients, whilst maintaining an honest and realistic approach. I help all of my clients focus on their future and start to move away from their past.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time in the Lake District with my golden retriever.

Want to know more?

Take legal advice as early as possible. Even if you choose not to pursue your case, you will understand your options and what to expect.

Don’t be scared of lawyers! We are extremely approachable and easy to form a professional relationship with.

Let us do the worrying for you. We’re here to find a solution.

What are my chances of winning/achieving the outcome I want?

This will depend on the client providing as much information as possible, as honestly as possible and allowing us to consider this first. Although we can provide a proposed path/plan of action from the start, unfortunately in most cases it will also involve waiting until we find out what the other party have and want before we can get a clear picture. So, a little patience is required!

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