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If you’ve got an employment issue brewing, I’ll help you resolve it swiftly and successfully. I provide advice and support that helps to eliminate risks in the workplace and reduce the possibility of any future issues cropping up.

Before training in employment law, I worked as a HR professional for Barclays Investment Bank, so I understand the issues that in-house teams face. If you seek my advice, I’ll explain everything in simple language and ensure you can put an actionable plan in place.

It’s important to be proactive as well as reactive, so I keep all my clients informed of upcoming changes and make sure they know how it might impact their businesses.

Outside of work, I like to keep fit and am a keen runner.

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Keep your employment policies up to date and follow them consistently and fairly.

Train your managers on basic employment law – they should understand how to tackle minor issues and when to seek further advice.

When risks arise, seek legal advice promptly. The sooner you see us, the easier the issue will be to resolve.

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