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Charles Stevens, Legal Director


Direct Dial: 01223 581 449
Mobile: 07570 683 516

A bit about me

The variety of clients with whom I deal and the need to adapt to constantly-changing commercial demands makes my work fascinating; I am driven by my clients’ needs. Ensuring that I have a real understanding of their business is at the heart of being able to structure deals and advise them on the changes that will have an impact on their business.

I work with clients who range from major charities to telecoms companies, from wealthy individuals (including a Lottery winner) to Cambridge colleges – in each case, I focus on practical and accessible advice. If a client needs legal help but it’s out of my area of expertise, I will always find them the right person to provide that help.

Outside work, I am passionate about football; sadly, especially West Ham!

Want to know more?

Be open from the start. Try to give as much information to your lawyer about your objectives and any concerns you may have at the outset so that they can tailor the transaction to you.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions even if you think it is a stupid one. No question is stupid if you do not know the answer!

What would you do if you were me?

If there is a contentious point being discussed, a client often asks whether or not I think they should accept the point. The answer to this is obviously dependent on the situation, but really knowing your client is the only way that you can answer this question in a suitable way!

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