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Charlotte Bull, Associate


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A bit about me

I have a background in business analysis and a passion for helping businesses grow, become more successful and realise their potential, so it made sense for me to specialise in corporate law.

I enjoy working with entrepreneurs, founders, owners – people with passion and ideas – and helping them realise the fruits of their labour, whether that’s through a sale or helping secure the next round of investment. I’ll always go above and beyond for my clients, whether you are selling, acquiring, investing or fundraising.

When you work with me, you can be confident that I’ll be on top of every aspect of your deal and will pull everything together so that the process is as straightforward and focused as possible. I aim to collate advice from your deal team (whether tax, real estate, pensions or employment) and translate this into a concise assessment of risk and apply this in our negotiations on your behalf.

I provide a wide range of specialisms, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, private equity and venture capital, employee share schemes and shareholders’ agreements.

Outside of work, I have a keen interest in European fine art and 19th century novels. I love spending time with friends and family and supporting my football team, Sheffield United F.C.


Want to know more?

Get your deal team talking: you will need co-ordinated input from your legal advisors, tax advisors or financial advisors in order to make the necessary decisions about your transaction.

Build flexibility into your timetable: it’s almost inevitable that circumstances will arise outside of your control to delay the progress of the deal, particularly where institutional lenders are involved.

Pick up the phone: it’s always easier and usually quicker to deal with issues as they arise by talking them through on the phone.

I own a start-up company and I want to incentivise my key employees to help me grow the business, however our working capital is limited. Are there any other options?

Yes, if you are prepared to sacrifice some equity. Tax-advantaged share option schemes (such as EMI) are very efficient ways to incentivise employees and give them a stake in the exit you are working towards (whether that is VC funding, a trade sale or an IPO). Establishing the scheme whilst the company is still early-stage will help maximise tax advantages. There are several other mechanisms for giving employees a stake in the company, so please ask us about what would work best for you.

I’m selling my business and I have already answered DD enquiries. Why do we repeat the process with disclosures against warranties?

A very common question: in short DD is for the benefit of the buyer and disclosure is for the protection of you, the seller. The more thoroughly you disclose issues, the more limited your liability will be under the warranties. Therefore, we need to make sure that issues which weren’t shared during the DD process (perhaps because the buyer didn’t ask) are picked up in disclosure.

Do these arrangements really need to be formalised in writing?

Almost certainly yes. Informality during the early stages of a business can often be a source of regret when issues arise down the line, or when you come to sell. The fix can be costly and the value of your business could be affected. Talk to us about which formal arrangements we would recommend and how much they are likely to cost you.

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