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I ensure my clients can achieve their end goals by helping them steer their way through the complicated and ever-changing world of employment law. I enjoy working with people and navigating the complex relationships between employers and employees. I also like the versatility of employment law; it encompasses a broad range of work and legal issues. Each case I deal with is unique and this requires creative and thorough legal analysis.

I act for a range of corporate clients and also some individuals, and I pride myself on my clear, pragmatic and commercial advice. I listen carefully to my clients and ensure I understand what they want to achieve and tailor my advice accordingly. I advise clients across a variety of sectors in relation to employment contracts and day-to-day HR queries, as well as reviewing and drafting policy documentation. I regularly provide employment support in corporate transactions, advise on the application of TUPE and have experience in tackling grievance and disciplinary processes, restructures and redundancy.

Outside of work I enjoy exercising in various ways; from going to the gym to running and cycling. I am also a keen cook and love to travel and experience new cultures when I can.

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Always ensure that you have clear written agreements in place to avoid future disputes. A paper trail is key.

Be proactive and pick up the phone as early on as possible when an issue in the workplace arises.

Ensure that you have clear policies and procedures in place to protect your business and avoid any ambiguity.

What is the best way to protect my business?

Make sure you have a written contract of employment in place with each of your employees which contains appropriately drafted restrictive covenants along with confidentiality provisions and a suitable intellectual property clause.

Can I just hold a disciplinary hearing with the employee tomorrow?

No. You need to give at least 48 hours’ notice of a disciplinary hearing and before you even consider this it is critical that you first go through an investigation process. You must allow the employee to put across their side of the story before you make a decision.

We’ve got no work for this employee; can I just dismiss him?

If the employee has less than 2 years’ service this is an option as the employee will not have unfair dismissal rights. However, it will be important to consider any other risks involved, particularly if the employee may have a disability. If the employee has more than 2 years’ service, you will need to take them through a formal redundancy consultation process.

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