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I work with a wide range of people and businesses, but all my clients have one thing in common – they find litigation stressful. My job is to put together as strong a case as possible for them, negotiate hard and give my clients the right advice, even if it’s not what they want to hear.

From sportspeople and teams to landowners and limited companies, my clients need me to be available and approachable throughout the process, to take as much pressure off them as possible.

Outside work, sport is my passion – mostly rugby and golf, though I love a long walk followed by a pub lunch.

Want to know more?

Document discussions and confirm important details in writing (letters or email);

Seek advice early and provide the full picture as opposed to the version you want to tell;

Try to be realistic with your expectations. Litigation can be a time consuming and expensive process without a guarantee of success.

How much will this cost and how long will it take?

I can’t give a definitive figure; however, I can give you an estimate based on previous experience. We will discuss a detailed budget so that you have a better idea of costs and also a likely timetable of events so that you can see how long it may take to come to trial.

Will I win?

There is no guarantee of that, of course. We will review all the evidence and keep the case itself under constant review, but if the case goes to trial, it will ultimately be the judge’s decision – going to trial brings with it less control over the process.

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